The Movie - "An Arresting Comedy"

"The outrageously goofy Gunther Toody (David Johansen) and the straight-laced Francis Muldoon (John C. McGinley) are an unlikely crime fighting duo in the Orion Pictures comedy"

In 1994, Orion Pictures released Car 54 Where are You? - The Movie, after filming in the early fall of 1990 in Toronto and New York City. We have recently acquired a "press release kit" for the movie, and are pleased to be able to share some "tidbits" with you.  In the "kit" we acquired were 6 black and white press photographs (one shown above), a 17-page list of credits, and an interesting 26-page compilation of "production information."  In reviewing the production information, there are facets that I wish to share with my visitors.