Republic Pictures Home Video has issued eight tapes, each with two Car-54
episodes, thus the first 16 shows can be enjoyed. I have provided here the plot
descriptions for those videos which can be purchased separately (follow the links).
The first four videos are available as a boxed set, and can be purchased for a savings.

Car 54 Where Are You? - Vol. 1
Episodes 1 & 2 Order here

Episode 1 - Original Airdate 9/17/61
WHO'S FOR SWORDFISH? - Toody and Muldoon pull off a whale of a coup - a rare invitaion to spend their day off on a luxury fishing boat. The only catch is, their day off is usually spent in traffic court, testifying on the tickets they've issue. How the settle the problem is a reel fish story.

Episode 2 - Original Airdate 9/24/61
SOMETHING NICE FOR SOL - Toody, Muldoon and their fellow officers want to give Sgt. Abrams a special present for his 25th anniversary on the force - orthopedic shoes to relieve the agony of "da feet". But there's just one problme: how to get a plaster cast of Sarge's soles without his knowledge.

Car 54 Where Are You? Vol. 2
Episodes 3 & 4 Order here

Episode 3 - Original Airdate 10/1/61
HOME SWEET SING SING - Back-door Benny is sprung from the slammer and offered help by the officers to change his petty theft ways. But when Benny moves in with Gunther, he soon starts pining for the pen. And it's up to Toody and Muldoon to set-up a phony heist for Benny's return ticket.

Episode 4 - Original Airdate 10/8/61
CHANGE YOUR PARTNER - The boys learn that too much togetherness can drive you crazy, especially after sharing the front seat of Car 54 as long as Toody and Muldoon have. But just when a divorce seems inevitable, the press and photographers decide to feature the partners in a story...about successful police "couples".

Car 54 Where Are You? Vol. 3
Episodes 5 & 6 Order Here

Episode 5 - Original Airdate 10/15/61
I WON'T GO! - Mrs. Bronson (the last tenant in a soon-to-be-condemned building) refuses to move until her pooch, Queenie, comes home from her annual three-month absence. While sniffing out the stray, the boys discover an old man whose own wandering hound happens to be the same darn dog. Now if only they can bring these canine lovers together for some permanent petting.

Episode 6 - Original Airdate 10/22/61
MULDOON'S STAR - Toody rescues movie goddess Theresa "Tessie the Torso" Tangiers from a crowd of screaming fans, and takes her to Muldoon's house for some peace and quiet. But when Francis finds his screen idol sharing his home, it's one uproarious misstep after another - including a high school hop at which Miss Tangiers dances in disguise.

Car 54 Where Are You? - Vol. 4
Episodes 7 & 8
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Episode 7 - Original Airdate 10/29/61
PAINT JOB - The boys are warned that unless they keep Car 54 in good shape, they'll be grounded. So after a fender bender, they take it to a private garage for repairs, hoping to keep it secret. But when the mechanic turns out to be the head of a stolen car painting scam, and their newly-painted patrol car turns out to be a "hot" rod, they've got to catch the crooks who pulled the switch before the Sarge pulls them from the driver's seat.

Episode 8 - Original Airdate 11/5/61
LOVE FINDS MULDOON - Lucille Toody fixes Francis up with her old chum Bonita. It seems Bonita, a spinster, has a hopeless crush on silent screen legend Ramon Navarro. When Francis responds to her woo-ing, Bonita cuts the love connection...because he reminds her too much of her smoldering silent soulmate

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