I purchased my first Peanut Machine in 1965 in South Carolina. It is a Bartholomew Co. "Boss on Wheels" made in Vineland, New Jersey.  The peanut roaster is "fired" by kerosine.  Over the years I have seen a number of these machines, with most having had the roasted peanut holding area cabinet replaced with a popcorn unit. To the left is my favorite photograph of such a modification.  You can see the peanut roaster on the left, and on the right is the set-up for Popcorn.  I saw this unit at the AACA Hersey Fall Meeting (the big annual car show in Hersey, Pennsylvania) in the early 1980s.  This image set my desire to do the same with my Batholomew machine, and I was making the plans to do so when I found my Cretors No. 2.

"This is an original 1925 Cretors steam operated Popcorn Machine mounted on a Model T Ford Truck. Bought, owned and operated by Albert Rich for forty-one years, now operated by his daughter Dottie Madison at corner of Route 22 and 372 in Cambridge, New York." Quote from the back of a circa 1970s postcard

If you have a Model T or, Model A Cretors Truck available, let me know, please!!

This photograph is of a Cretor's on a 1929 Model "AA" Ford Chassis.  Many such trucks were built, and reproductions are still being made to order.

This is a reproduction of the Cretors No. 1 Sidewalk Unit - the next size larger than my Cretors No. 2.  This particular machine was in use in the Frontier Area of Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio, in the 1980s.  My daughter, Julie, is making an important purchase of popcorn - circa 1982.
When I first explored US Route 7 in my 1929 Model "A" Ford roadster, I saw my first Cretors Model D in a shed behind the old Jennifer House in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  A short distance further North is Pittsfield, and this Cretors Popcorn Wagon has been on the same bank corner on Park Square for decades. The image to the right is from a "chrome" postcard c1970s.