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In 1962, when first travelling  US Route 7 in my 1929 Model "A" Ford Roadster, I discovered in Great Barrington, MA, a Cretors Model "D" Horse Drawn Popcorn Wagon. A few more miles north another wagon was popping corn in front of the bank in Pittsfield, MA, where it had done so for decades.  A lifetime fascination began. The Model "D" is a very large machine, but Cretors made smaller sidewalk units. In January, 2001, I was lucky to purchase a replica of the 1907 Cretors No. 2 Popcorn Wagon. I am currently bringing it back to its original state.

In the summer of 1965, high school friends and I attended a "stock car race" in South Carolina.  Outside of an "old country store" I spotted a turn of the century Bartholomew "Boss on Wheels" Peanut Roaster.  I bought it, and arranged to have it shipped back to Connecticut.  I have had it since, mainly in storage. But used it often in the 1980s in parades and school functions, dispensing Popcorn.  It is in my blood!!

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