Here are 34 titles we currently have in stock in Walpole, New Hampshire, on February 22, 2010, about paper collectibles - ephemera. I like this area of collecting, and keep copies of many of these titles in my own collection. Enjoy browsing, and when you are ready here is the ordering information to place your order. Thank you, RAY

1. Anderson, Janice and Swinglehurst, Edmund (with an introduction by Maurice Rickards), TRAIN AND TRANSPORT: A COLLECTOR'S GUIDE, Bracken Books, London, (1989), B&W and Color illustrations, 96pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 1851702520 The full story of travel and transport is preserved in histories on library bookshelves. It is also conveyed, less formally but often more graphically, in the transient paper oddments which it has generated. Here, in tickets, notices, leaflets, labels, folders, billheads and other throwaways, is an epitome of Mankind's love affair with the way from A to B., (Order No: 41634 ), $17.50

2. Bernard, Willi (English translation by R. K. Lochner), BILDPOSTKARTENKATALOG - PICTURE POST CARD CATALOGUE - CATALOGUE DE CARTS - POSTALES ILLUSTREES: GERMANY 1870-1945, published by the author, Hamburg, Germany, (1972), B&W illustrations, fine, wraps (softcover), Compiled from the author's collection, 1784 illustrations; value indications; and descriptions in German, English, and French. Updated price guide laid in., (Order No: 38310 ), $30.00

3. Bingham, A. Walker, THE SNAKE-OIL SYNDROME: PATENT MEDICINE ADVERTISING, Christopher Publishing House, Hanover, MA, (1994), B&W and color illustrations, 166pp, fine w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0815804849 A reference work for the patent medicine phenomena. The ephemera considered include trade cards, posters, almanacs, advertising premiums, labels, calendars, billheads, stamps, bottles, tokens and music. The extensive index cross-references all of the images (approximately 500) by subject as well as product name., (Order No: 52355 ), $150.00

4. Burdick, J. R. (edited by), PIONEER POST CARDS - THE STORY OF MAILING CARDS TO 1898 WITH AN ILLUSTRATED CHECKLIST OF PUBLISHERS AND TITLES PIONEER POSTCARDS, Nostalgia Press, Franklin Square, NY, n.d. c1964, B&W illustrations, 200pp, good+, wraps (softcover), Laid in and included is the 1979 Price Guide for Pioneer Postcards by James Lewis Lowe., (Order No: 57848 ), $25.00

5. Davidson, Joe, THE ART OF THE CIGAR LABEL, The Wellfleet Press, Edison, NJ, (1989), over 400 labels in color, 252pp, very good+ w/very good+ dustjacket, Cigar labels started emerging from abandoned factories in the 1960s. This outstanding examples of chromolithographic art appeared framed in three Bloomingdale's department stores during the 1978 Christmas season selling "briskly" at $79.95 each. Fortune 500 firms gave them away as executive gifts, and in 1979 the Wall Street Journal published a front page article about their explosive growth in popularity. This is the sought after book on this relatively new hobby in the world of art., (Order No: 7696 ), $30.00

6. Dillon, Debbie, COLLECTORS GUIDE TO SHEET MUSIC, L-W Promotions, Gas City, IN, 1975, B&W illustrations, 81pp, very good, wraps (softcover), (Order No: 45475 ), $4.00

7. Fenn, Patricia and Malpa, Alfred P., REWARDS OF MERIT, Ephemera Society of America, Charlottesville, VA, (1994) 1st ptg, B&W and color illustrations, 224pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover) previous owner's inscription, ISBN 094323168X TOKENS OF A CHILD'S PROGRESS AND A TEACHER'S ESTEEM AS AN ENDURING ASPECT OF AMERICAN RELIGIOUS AND SECULAR EDUCATION. Two hundred and fifty years of the American school experience are here brought to life in this first book ever published about awards given to school children by their teachers and proudly carried home to parents., (Order No: 38410 ), $20.00

8. Franks, Ray and Ketelle, Jay, AMARILLO TEXAS: THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS 1887-1987 - A PICTURE POSTCARD HISTORY, Ray Franks Publishing Ranch, Amarillo, TX, (1986) 1st ed, B&W and Color illustrations, unpaginated, good, pictorial boards (hardcover), ISBN 0943976022 This is number 622 of a limited edition. Provides a personal and human insight to Amarillo's first hundred years through 213 picture postcards., (Order No: 40338 ), $45.00

9. Freeman, Larry (edited by), "WISH YOU WERE HERE" A CENTENNIAL GUIDE TO POSTCARD COLLECTING, Century House, Inc., Watkins Glen, NY, (1976), B&W illustrations, 160pp, good+, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0872820009 A well done history and introduction to the collecting of postcards. I have had a copy in my own collection for many years., (Order No: 50409 ), $30.00

10. Gohm, D. C., MAPS AND PRINTS FOR PLEASURE AND INVESTMENT, Arco Publishing Company, Inc, New York, (1969), B&W and color illustrations, 190pp, index, very good, light brown cloth (hardcover) no dustjacket, ISBN 0668022795, (Order No: 54133 ), $6.00

11. Hall, Wade, GREETINGS FROM KENTUCKY: A POST CARD TOUR, 1900-1950, Univ. Press of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, (1994), B&W and color ill., 208pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0813118875 Without leaving home, let Wade Hall lead you on an armchair trip through time and place with this gathering of more than 500 vintage picture post cards of Kentucky., (Order No: 27374 ), $20.00

12. Harding, R. Brewster, ROADSIDE NEW ENGLAND 1900-1955, Old Port Publishing Co., Portland, ME, (1982), B&W illustrations, 80pp, very good, wraps (softcover), "A photographic postcard record of the Eastern Illustrating and Publishing Company of Belfast, Maine." A history of how these real photo postcards were produced and a wonderful assortment is illustrated showing New England Roadside Americana, (Order No: 57010 ), $25.00

13. Hebert, Ernest, GREETINGS FROM NEW ENGLAND: A GLIMPSE AT THE PAST THROUGH POSTCARDS, Graphic Arts Center Pub. Co., Portland, OR, (1988), great color reproductions, 112pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0932575606 A glorious celebration of the New England region through wonderful reproductions of early twentieth-century picture postcards. Text provides colorful commentary on these postcards, highlighting the enchantment of this colorful region in all of its turn-of-the-century charm., (Order No: 13425 ), $15.00

14. Hyman, Tony, HANDBOOK OF AMERICAN CIGAR BOXES, Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY, (1979), B&W illustrations, 166pp, good+ w/good dustjacket (hardcover) signed by the author, ISBN 0932780008 Limited first edition of 3,000 copies., (Order No: 5085 ), $75.00

15. Jay, Robert, THE TRADE CARD IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY AMERICA, Univ. of Missouri Press, Columbia, MO, 1987, B&W and color illustrations, 112pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0826206190 The trade or advertising cards that were produced in great quantity and variety during the last third of the nineteenth century constitute the first nationwide marketing strategy in American advertising., (Order No: 58658 ), $75.00

16. Keller, William B., A CATALOGUE OF THE CARY COLLECTION OF PLAYING CARDS IN THE YALE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY - FOUR VOLUME SET COMPLETE, Yale University Library, New Haven, CT, 1981, B&W ill., color frontis, very good+, blue cloth (hardcover), ISBN 0845731211 "The playing cards, card sheets, wood blocks, metal plates, ephemera, and prints acquired by Melbert B. Cary, Jr., and bequeathed to the Yale University Library by his wife, Mary Flagler Cary, form one of the world's distinguished collections of such materials." Volume I: TEXT, 341pp; Volume II: TEXT, 302pp; Volume III: PLATES - PLAYING CARDS, 400pp; and, Volume IV: PLATES - PLAYING CARDS, SHEETS, BLOCKS & PLATES; EPHEMERA, and PRINTS, 462pp. Four volume set complete and extremely UNCOMMON., (Order No: 57900 ), $450.00

17. Lowe, James Lewis, WALDEN'S POST CARD ENTHUSIAST REVISITED, Deltiologists of America, Ridley Park, PA, (1982) 1st ed, B&W illustrations, 224pp, fine, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0913782092 A reprint of all issues of Walden's post card publications beginning as the POST CARD ENTHUSIAST in January, 1950, and continuing with that title until it was changed to HOBBY ENTHUSIAST in December, 1951. The publication went through forty-four issues, ending with No. 44 in September, 1953. Indexed for timeless use to historical information on the post card hobby., (Order No: 35328 ), $17.50

18. Miller, George and Miller, Dorothy, PICTURE POSTCARDS IN THE UNITED STATES 1893-1918, Clarkson N. Potter, Inc., New York, (1976) 1st ed, 71 color, over 125 B&W ill., 280pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0517524007 An exhaustive and meticulously researched story of the development of the postcard in America. A MUST IN THE POSTCARD COLLECTOR'S LIBRARY!!, (Order No: 6718 ), $30.00

19. Muncaster, Alice L.; Sawyer, Ellen; and, Kapson, Ken, THE BABY MADE ME BUY IT! A TREASURY OF BABIES WHO SOLD YESTERDAY'S PRODUCTS, Crown Publishers, Inc., New York, (1991) 1st ed, over 120 color photographs, 96pp, fine, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0517582066 Introduces the reader to some of the most interesting and unusual advertising of yesteryear showing beautiful infants and toddlers "endorsing" products as diverse as cereal, soap, patent medicines and candy - from the late 1800s through the 1950s., (Order No: 48873 ), $15.00

20. O'Neal, David L., EARLY AMERICAN ALMANACS - THE PHELPS COLLECTION 1679-1900, David L. O'Neal, Bookseller, Peterborough, NH, (1979), B&W illustrations, 162pp, very good, wraps (softcover), Catalog of over 1600 almanacs offered first as a collection for $63,000., (Order No: 56631 ), $25.00

21. Phillips, P. Lee, MAPS AND VIEWS OF WASHINGTON AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Terra Nova Press, Norwich, VT, 1996 2nd ed, B&W frontis, 87pp, fine, black cloth (hardcover), ISBN 0964900025 Originally published in 1900. In preparation for the centenary celebration, P. Lee Phillips created this list of maps and views from the vast collection in the Library of Congress. Now, almost one hundred years later, we still find his list important and useful., (Order No: 49325 ), $6.00

22. Radice, Judi (text by Jackie Comerford), MENU DESIGN 2 - MARKETING THE RESTAURANT THROUGH GRAPHICS, PCB International Inc., New York, (1987) 1st ptg, B&W and Color illustrations, 256pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0866360166 This volume gathers into one comprehensive and visually exciting volume the most detectable menus of the mid '80s., (Order No: 41296 ), $17.50

23. Rickards, Maurice, COLLECTING PRINTED EPHEMERA, Phaidon - Christie's, Oxford, (1988), 750 ill. inc. 300 in color, 224pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0714880515 Appeal of ephemera, value as historical evidence, survey of whole collecting field. Author also looks at the sources of supply and at prices and market trends. Part Two as a survey of the whole field is organized into three sections - Printing Processes, Categories, and Themes., (Order No: 771 ), $17.50

24. Roseberry, Dinah and Martin, Mary L., GREETINGS FROM BURLINGTON - WITH PRICE GUIDE - [BURLINGTON, VERMONT], Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Atglen, PA, (2007), color illustrations, 128pp, fine, wraps (softcover), ISBN 9780764326325 Burlington, Vermont's history displayed in over 240 hand-tinted and sepia-tonded postcards from the late 1800s through the 1940s., (Order No: 56917 ), $20.00

25. Schang, F. C., VISITING CARDS OF VIOLINISTS FROM THE COLLECTION OF F. C. SCHANG, published by the author, Stuart, FL, (1975), B&W illustrations, 80pp, very good+ w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), (Order No: 7787 ), $25.00

26. Schardt, Hermann (organisation der Ausstellung und Katalogbearbeitung), FRANZOSISCHE MEISTERPLAKATE UM 1900 - AUS DER SAMMLUNG DER FOLKWANGSCHULE FUR GESTALTUNG, Klischees Vignold, Essen, (1968), B&W and color illustrations, 136pp, very good+, wraps (softcover), A wonderful exhibition catalogue (1968) of European turn- of-the century posters. Over 200 posters are illustrated., (Order No: 25086 ), $30.00

27. Skelton, R. A., DECORATIVE PRINTED MAPS OF THE 15TH TO 18TH CENTURIES - REVISED EDITION OF OLD DECORATIVE MAPS AND CHARTS, Spring Books, London, (1966) 2nd ptg, 84 B&W plates follow text, 80pp of text, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), First published in 1952., (Order No: 3299 ), $15.00

28. Smith, Jack H., POSTCARD COMPANION: THE COLLECTOR'S REFERENCE, Wallace-Homestead, Radnor, PA, (1989) 1st ptg, B&W and color illustrations, 374pp, very good, brown cloth (hardcover) (no dj as published), ISBN 0870695193 Excellent source book on all aspects of postcard collecting, and highly recommended as a must in the postcard collector's library. NOTE - slight bump to corner., (Order No: 473 ), $25.00

29. van de Gohm, Richard, ANTIQUE MAPS FOR THE COLLECTOR, The Macmillan Company, New York, (1973) 1st Amer, B&W and color illustrations, 160pp, very good+ w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), (Order No: 57980 ), $7.50

30. Ward, Robert, INVESTMENT GUIDE TO NORTH AMERICAN REAL PHOTO POSTCARDS - COVERING PRE-1935 CARDS, Antique Paper Guild, Bellevue, WA, (1993) 2nd ed, B&W illustrations, 224pp, ads, very good+, spiral bound wraps (softcover), Contents include: Romance of Real Photo Postcards; Animal Drawn Transportation; Motorized Vehicles; Railroad Depots and Railroad Related; Aviation; US Postal Service; Commercial Interiors; Commercial Exteriors; Occupationals; Photographers, Photograhic Related, Studios; Advertising; Presidential, Social, Political, Racist, American Landscape; and 13 more categorized chapters. Almost 1,000 cards illustrated, described and priced. An invaluable resource., (Order No: 48205 ), $95.00

31. Welsch, Roger L., TALL-TALE POSTCARDS: A PICTORIAL HISTORY, A. S. Barnes and Company, South Brunswick, NJ, (1976), B&W and color ill., 244pp, fair, green cloth (hardcover) no dj WORKING COPY chips on spine, ISBN 0498016064 In this volume, the full range of subjects, techniques, and skills of the genre are examined, with the postcards themselves graphically telling the story in the best way possible. NOTE - THIS IS A WORKING COPY - Clean and Tight Internally but this copy LACKS dustjacket, and is CHIPPED AT THE TOP AND BOTTOM OF THE SPINE ., (Order No: 30471 ), $20.00

32. Wenzel, Lynn and Binkowski, Carol J. (foreword by Barbara Cook), I HEAR AMERICA SINGING: A NOSTALGIC TOUR OF POPULAR SHEET MUSIC, Crown Publishers, Inc., New York, (1989) 1st ed, B&W and color ill., 150pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0517569671 A trip down memory lane with sheet music covers from the ballads of Stephen Foster; minstrel songs; anthems of political and social protest; show tunes; hits from the thirties, forties, and fifties; and pop music from Elvis to the present day., (Order No: 13382 ), $7.50

33. Westin, Helen, INTRODUCING THE SONG SHEET: A COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO SONG SHEET WITH CURRENT VALUES, Thomas Nelson, Inc., New York, (1976), color illustrations, 160pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0840743254 A nostalgic recreation of the turn of the century times (1900) known as the Tin Pan Alley Era, and the song sheets that brought the music to life., (Order No: 677 ), $7.00

34. Zaid, Barry, WISH YOU WERE HERE: A TOUR OF AMERICA'S GREAT HOTELS DURING THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE PICTURE POST CARD, Crown Publishers, Inc., New York, (1990) 1st ed, color illustrations, 96pp, very good+ w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0517580098 Take a trip through a hand-colored America. This is an album of the exquisite linen-finish hotel picture post cards that flourished during the thirties, forties, and fifties., (Order No: 18232 ), $17.50

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