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1. Albee, Helen R., HARDY PLANTS FOR COTTAGE GARDENS - AMERICAN NATURE SERIES, GROUP IV, WORKING WITH NATURE, Henry Holt and Company, New York, 1916, B&W illustrations, 309pp, good+, green cloth, teg (hardcover) small tear at top of spine, "Eminently practical and well arranged ... Lists giving manner of growth, height, time of blooming, exact color, special requirements of soil and moisture are provided, ...", (Order No: 55445 ), $35.00

2. Alcosser, Murray, THE ROMANTIC ROSE, Rizzoli, New York, (1990), color illustrations, 120pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0847811751 A celebration of the rose., (Order No: 36581 ), $12.50

3. Alexander, Rosemary and du Gard Pasley, Anthony (American editor William Bryant Logan), THE ENGLISH GARDENING SCHOOL: THE COMPLETE MASTER COURSE ON GARDEN PLANNING AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN FOR THE AMERICAN GARDENER, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, New York, (1987) 1st Amer, B&W and color ill., 223pp, fine w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 1555840310 The English Gardening School at the famed Chelsea Physic Garden, London, is highly regarded for its courses in amateur and professional landscape gardening. This book is a distillation of the courses, and as such is a complete master class in planning and realizing the perfect garden., (Order No: 29242 ), $7.00

4. Ausubel, Kenny, SEEDS OF CHANGE: THE LIVING TREASURE, HarperSanFrancisco, San Francisco, CA, (1994), Color illustrations, 232pp, very good+, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0062500082 The Passionate Story of the Growing Movement to Restore Biodiversity and Revolutionize the Way We Think About Food., (Order No: 41665 ), $5.00

5. Besler, Basilius, HORTUS EYSTETTENSIS SIVE DILIGENS ET ACCURATA OMNIUM PLANTARUM, FLORUM, STIRPIUM, EX VARIIS ORBIS TERRAE PARTIBUS ..., Konrad Kolbl, Munich, Germany, (1964), B&W illustrations, over 400 pages, good+, brown cloth (hardcover), "...SINGULARI STUDIO COLLECTARUM, QUAE IN CELEBERRIMIS VIRIDARIIS ARCEM EPISCOPALEM IBIDEM CINGENTIBUS, OLIM CONSPICIEBANTUR DELINEATIO ET AD REPRAESENTATIO..." Facsimile of the expanded centennial 1713 edition (first published in 1613). "Flowers and Plants" -- Title translates to: The Garden of Eichstaett, or careful and accurate recording and natural presentationof all those with unique diligence from the different continents gathered plants, flowers and trees, in the famous gardens, the bishop's set there surrounded and there can be), (Order No: 54240 ), $95.00

6. Betts, Edwin M. and Perkins, Hazlehurst Bolton (revised and enlarged by Peter J. Hatch), THOMAS JEFFERSON'S FLOWER GARDEN AT MONTICELLO, University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, (1986) 3rd ed, B&W and color illustrations, 96pp, fine, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0813910870, (Order No: 60136 ), $5.00

7. Bonar, Ann, GARDENING FOR FRAGRANCE, Ward Lock Ltd, London, (1990), B&W and color ill., 128pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0706369009 The author looks at the substance we call 'fragrance', the role it has played in the gardens of the past and the gardens of today, and the many different ways each of us can introduce this important dimension of scent into our own gardens., (Order No: 36341 ), $15.00

8. Bradley, Edith and Crooke, May (introduction by Rev. W. Wilkes) (Series Editor Harry Roberts), THE BOOK OF FRUIT BOTTLING - HANDBOOKS OF PRACTICAL GARDENING SERIES, The Bodley Head, London, 1907, B&W illustrations, 99pp, very good, decorated green cloth (hardcover), "A practical manual on the process of fruit bottling. Jams, Jellies, and Marmalade Making: Chapters on Fruit Drying, Home-Made Wines and Cider Making, with preface uring upon County Councils the Importance of Fostering These Industries in Rural Districts.", (Order No: 31568 ), $50.00



11. Bruce, Harold (photographs by Gottlieb and Hilda Hampfler; foreword by Henry Francis du Pont), THE GARDENS OF WINTERTHUR IN ALL SEASONS, The Viking Press, New York, (1968), B&W and color ill., 196pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), A History of the Gardens by C. Gordon Tyrrell., (Order No: 32636 ), $10.00

12. Buchan, Ursula, THE VILLAGE SHOW, Pavilion Books, Ltd., London, (1990) 1st ptg, color illustrations, 160pp, very good+ w/good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 1851454357 Explores the reasons why, and the ways in which, gardeners exhibit horticultural produce at local shows, by describing some of the forthright and committed individuals who participate in such events., (Order No: 52628 ), $7.00

13. Buchanan, Rita, THE WINTER GARDEN - TAYLOR'S WEEKEND GARDENING GUIDES, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, NY, 1997, color illustrations, 122pp, fine, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0395827507 "Plants that offer color and beauty in every season of the year.", (Order No: 57705 ), $6.00

14. Buist, Robert, AMERICAN FLOWER-GARDEN DIRECTORY; CONTAINING PRACTICAL DIRECTIONS FOR THE CULTURE OF PLANTS ..., C. M. Saxton, Barker & Co., New York, 1860 6th ed, color frontis, 342pp, ads, good, original brown cloth (hardcover) some light foxing, "... in the Flower-Garden, Hot-House, Green-House, Rooms, or Parlour Windows, for every month in the year. ... with instructions from erecting A Hot-House, Green-House, and Laying out a Flower-Garden. ...", (Order No: 57997 ), $40.00

15. Bush-Brown, Louise and Bush-Brown, James, PORTRAITS OF PHILADELPHIA GARDENS, Dorrance and Publishers, Philadelphia, PA, 1929, B&W illustrations, 179pp, very good, black cloth spine (hardcover) some light edgewear, Emphasizes on the design and arrangement of twenty noted Philadelphia gardens., (Order No: 57945 ), $125.00

16. Carl, F. E., KLEINARCHITEKTUREN IN DER DEUTSCHEN GARTENKUNST, Henschelverlag, Berlin, Germany, 1956, B&W illustrations, 144pp, good+ w/chipped dustjacket (hardcover), Nicely illustrated history of German garden architecture. Text in German., (Order No: 44946 ), $20.00

17. Clayton, Virginia Tuttle (edited and with an introduction by), THE ONCE & FUTURE GARDENER: GARDEN WRITING FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF MAGAZINES: 1900-1940, David R. Godine, Publisher, Boston, MA, (2000) 1st ptg, B&W and color illustrations, 312pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 1567921027, (Order No: 61128 ), $8.00

18. Clayton-Payne, Andrew and Elliott, Brent, FLOWER GARDENS OF VICTORIAN ENGLAND, Rizzoli, New York, (1988), color illustrations, 160pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0847810135 Beautifully illustrated with contemporary Victorian watercolours of over 120 different gardens, this book documents the great changes that took place in garden design during the nineteenth century and traces the emergence and subsequent popularity of flower gardens., (Order No: 55296 ), $15.00

19. Crisp, Frank, MEDIAEVAL GARDENS: VOLUME ONE AND VOLUME TWO - TWO VOLUME SET COMPLETE, John Lane the Bodley Head, London, (1924), B&W illustrations, very good+ w/lightly chipped dustjacket (hardcover), "Flowery Medes and Other Arrangements of Herbs, Flowers, and Shrubs Grown in the Middle Ages, with some account of Tudor, Elizabethan, and Stuart Gardens." Volume one with 140 pages of text covers: herb gardens (two types - Orchards or Pleasaunces); plants, herbs, flowers; beds and their sparse planting; knots and parterres; labyrinths and mazes; arbours, pergolas and galleries; topiary work; turfed mounds; mounts; fountains, spring-heads and bathing pools; monastery gards; castle gardens; and hortus conclusus. Text is followed by plates, and Volume 2 is all plates. One of 1,000 numbered copies, this set is EXCEPTIONAL !!! Bright covers, uncommon dustjackets, and clean and tight., (Order No: 53443 ), $600.00

20. Crowell, Robert L., THE LORE & LEGENDS OF FLOWERS, Thomas Y. Crowell, New York, (1982) 1st ed, Color illustrations, 80pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0690039913 Contents include: Tulips; Narcissi; Crocuses; Irises; Carnations; Roses; Nasturtiums; Dandelions; Marigolds; Dahlias., (Order No: 42316 ), $20.00

21. Daisley, Gilda, THE ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF HERBS, Grange Books, London, (1992), B&W and color illustrations, 128pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 1856272869 Each herb is meticulously described and any traditions or history associated with it are fascinatingly recounted., (Order No: 36843 ), $7.00

22. Damrosch, Barbara (illustrations by Karl W. Stuecklen), THEME GARDENS, Workman Publishing, New York, (1982) 4th ptg, B&W and color ill., 224pp, very good++, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0894802178 How to plan, plant & grow 16 gloriously different gardens., (Order No: 28941 ), $6.00

23. Davies, Caroline, THE ETERNAL GARDEN, Hill of Content, Melbourne, (1989), B&W and color ill., 142pp, fine, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0855721820 The author shows how civilizations in different corners of the world have been mirrored in their gardens., (Order No: 25832 ), $20.00

24. Dickson, Elizabeth (ed), THE ENGLISH GARDEN ROOM, Little, Brown and Company, Boston, MA, (1986) 1st Amer, color photographs, 160pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover) TEARS ON DUSTJACKET, ISBN 0316184322 This book is a lavishly photographed tour through twenty-five garden rooms, from the soaring stone-and-glass creations of the mid-nineteenth century, green and lush with leafy vegetation, to their more modest modern counterparts, wood-and-glass adjuncts to the house, warmed by the sun and perfumed with the smell of potted plants and flowering climbers. Photographs by Fritz von der Schulenburg., (Order No: 12097 ), $10.00

25. Dohna, Countess Ursula (text by) (edited by Princess Marianne Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn; photographs by Count Philipp Schonborn), PRIVATE GARDENS OF GERMANY, Harmony Books, New York, (1986) 1st Amer, B&W and color illustrations, 223pp, good+ w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0517565129 A breathtaking visual tour of Germany's most exquisite gardens., (Order No: 50866 ), $7.50

26. Dorner, Herman B., WINDOW GARDENING, The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis, IN, (1908) 1st ed, B&W illustrations, 153pp, good+, green cloth (hardcover) light edgewear - notes endpaper, There are some old notes on the rear pastedown and rear free endpaper., (Order No: 61190 ), $20.00

27. Douglas, William Lake; Frey, Susan R.; Johnson, Norman K.; Littlefield, Susan; and Van Valkenburgh, Michael, GARDEN DESIGN: HISTORY - PRINCIPLE - ELEMENTS - PRACTICE, Simon and Schuster, New York, (1984) 1st ptg, color illustrations, 224pp, very good+ w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0671479938, (Order No: 58694 ), $7.50

28. Dowden, Anne Ophelia, THIS NOBLE HARVEST: A CHRONICLE OF HERBS, William Collins Publishers, New York, (1979), ill. by Anne Ophelia Dowden, 80pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0529055481 An introduction to herbs, their history, characteristics, and their many uses., (Order No: 32554 ), $60.00

29. Eastman, Helen, NEW ENGLAND FERNS AND THEIR COMMON ALLIES - AN EASY METHOD OF DETERMINING THE SPECIES, Houghton, Mifflin & Company, Boston, 1904 1st ed, B&W illustrations, 161pp, good, decorated brown cloth (hardcover), (Order No: 42952 ), $35.00

30. Editors of Southern Accents, GARDENS OF THE SOUTH, Simon and Schuster, New York, (1985) 1st ptg, color illustrations, 213pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover) owners inscription, ISBN 0671601911 Showcases twenty-five exquisite gardens., (Order No: 38150 ), $17.50

31. Elliott, Charles, THE TRANSPLANTED GARDENER, Lyons & Burford, Publishers, New York, (1995) 1st ptg, 221pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 1558214178 "An American in England Looks at Hedges, Ha-ha's, History, and More.", (Order No: 36018 ), $10.00

32. Fell, Derek (text and photography), GARDEN ACCENTS: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO SPECIAL FEATURES FOR CREATIVE LANDSCAPING, Henry Holt and Company, New York, (1987) 1st ed, color ill., 143pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0805003045 A complete guide to the enormous array of garden details such as pavings, ponds, and shelters that are available today. Whether you want to create an Oriental cup garden or an Italianate water garden, garden design expert Derek Fell illustrates the basics of the different garden styles and the features, plants, flowers, and essential details that make them so beautiful., (Order No: 29235 ), $10.00

33. Findlay, Hugh, GARDEN MAKING AND KEEPING, Doubleday, Doran & Company, Garden City, NY, 1932, B&W illustrations, 252pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), First published in 1925. Step by step the author takes up the different problems that confront the budding garden maker who wants little perhaps of true plant value, but wants it right., (Order No: 29934 ), $10.00

34. Foster, Raymond, TREES & SHRUBS IN GARDEN DESIGN, David & Charles, Newton Abbot, (1982), B&W illustrations, 231pp, fine w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0715382713 The author has selected three hundred of the most beautiful garden trees and large shrubs, and grouped them into sixty compatible arrangements, graded according to size to suit any area of ground--a garden no more than a few paces wide can support one of the smallest groups. Other groups are suggested to enhance the average suburban plot, a neglected corner, or a bleak industrial estate., (Order No: 28785 ), $22.50

35. Fox, Helen Morgenthau, GARDENING WITH HERBS: FOR FLAVOR AND FRAGRANCE, The Macmillan Company, New York, 1943, ill. by Louise Mansfield, 334pp, good, (hardcover) no dustjacket, light browning to spine, First published in 1933. "This book is at once an interesting discussion of the sixty herbs suitable for small American gardens, their history, folk-lore and garden characteristics; the author's account of how she found them and grew them in her garden; and a recipe-book for their uses in cooking as tried out in her kitchen.", (Order No: 23150 ), $7.50

36. French, Henry F., FARM DRAINAGE: THE PRINCIPLES, PROCESSES, AND EFFECTS OF DRAINING LAND, Orange Judd Company, New York, 1908, B&W illustrations, 384pp, ads, very good+, brown cloth (hardcover), "THE PRINCIPLES, PROCESSES, AND EFFECTS OF DRAINING LAND WITH STONES, WOOD, PLOWS, AND OPEN DITCHES, AND ESPECIALLY WITH TILES; INCLUDING TABLES OF RAIN-FALL, EVAPORATION, FILTRATION, EXCAVATION, CAPACITY OF PIPES; COST AND NUMBER TO THE ACRE, OF TILES. AND MORE THAN 100 ILLUSTRATIONS." A treatise to shed light upon the subject of Drainage and to give farmers enough of scientific principles to satisfy intelligent inquiry, and plain and full directions for executing work in the field, according to the best known rules., (Order No: 53732 ), $60.00

37. Gatty, Mrs. Alfred (collected by), THE BOOK OF SUN-DIALS, Bell and Daldy, London, 1872, frontis, 5 plts follow text, 165pp, very good, rebound blue buckram cloth w/orig cloth laid back on, "There is no human discovery more ancient, or more interesting, than that of the Sun-dial: so ancient that the exquisite essayist, Charles Lamb, says 'Adam could scarcely have missed it in Paradise;' and so interesting that we may be sure that man's first want, after supplying the cravings of hunger, would be to invent some instrument by which he could measure the day-time into portions, to be allotted to his several avocations." NOTE: This copy has been rebound in blue buckram cloth with the original front and rear covers (only) trimmed and laid back on. As a result a very clean and tight copy with a very small tear onone page., (Order No: 53893 ), $275.00

38. Griswold, Mac, PLEASURES OF THE GARDEN: IMAGES FROM THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, MMA / Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York, (1987), B&W and color illustrations, 160pp, very good+ w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover) owner's inscrip., ISBN 0810909979 "Covers a wide range of material relating to the fascinating history of the pleasures of the garden.", (Order No: 36940 ), $7.50

39. Griswold, Mac and Weller, Eleanor, THE GOLDEN AGE OF AMERICAN GARDENS: PROUD OWNERS, PRIVATE ESTATES, 1890-1940, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York, (1991), B&W and color illustrations, 412pp, fine w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0810933586 This volume surveys more than 500 remarkable private estates and their illustrious owners., (Order No: 44592 ), $15.00

40. Gubler, Carol (author); Newdick, Jane (flower arrangements); and, Sutherland, Neil (photographer), A CREATIVE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO GROWING FUCHSIAS, Whitecap Books, North Vancouver, BC, Canada, (1994), color illustrations, 108pp, very good++, wraps (softcover), ISBN 1551101610 There are 100s of different types of fuchsia grown around the world, and this book provides an easy introduction to this colorful group of plants., (Order No: 51116 ), $10.00

41. Gustafson, Herb, THE ART OF JAPANESE GARDENS: DESIGNING & MAKING YOUR OWN PEACEFUL SPACE, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc, New York, (1999) 1st ptg, color illustrations, 144pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0806909633, (Order No: 61079 ), $10.00

42. Hazlitt, W. Carew, GLEANINGS IN OLD GARDEN LITERATURE - THE BOOK LOVER'S LIBRARY, Elliot Stock, London, [1887], 263pp, good+, olive green cloth (hardcover), A great deal of information about gardening books, including a "Bibliography of Gardening Literature (1603-1800), and of Herbals and Bee Culture., (Order No: 33917 ), $45.00

43. Hemphill, Rosemary, HERBS FOR ALL SEASONS, Viking, New York, (1993) 1st Amer, B&W illustrations, 200pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0670850411 Infused with new facts and old folklore, recipes and remedies, poetry and pepper. Follows the season of the year., (Order No: 36845 ), $6.00

44. Hillhouse, Lizzie Page, HOUSE PLANTS AND HOW TO SUCCEED WITH THEM - A PRACTICAL HANDBOOK -- THIRD EDITION, A. T. De La Mare Ptg & Pub, New York, 1909, B&W illustrations, 220pp, very good, green cloth (hardcover), Original edition - NOT a reprint., (Order No: 61189 ), $45.00

45. Holme, Bryan, THE ENCHANTED GARDEN: IMAGES OF DELIGHT, Oxford University Press, New York, (1982), 94 ill. with 43 in color, 96pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0195203607 The author shows how every kind of beauty, delight and fantasy has been painted or drawn in a garden., (Order No: 14656 ), $6.00

46. Howard, Elizabeth Jane, GREEN SHADES: AN ANTHOLOGY OF PLANTS, GARDENS AND GARDENERS, Aurum Press, London, (1991), B&W and color illustrations, 256pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 1854100297 Linking numerous extracts, which include the practical as well as the lyrical, the author skilfully leads the reader from one seemingly unrelated subject to another., (Order No: 36652 ), $6.00

47. Jacques, David, GEORGIAN GARDENS: THE REIGN OF NATURE, Timber Press, Portland, OR, (1984), B&W and color illustrations, 240pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0917304918 The period 1730 to 1830 produced many of the greatest names in British garden history., (Order No: 61171 ), $30.00

48. Jankowiak, James, THE PROSPEROUS GARDENER: A GUIDE TO GARDENING THE ORGANIC WAY, Rodale Press, Emmaus, PA, (1978) 1st ptg, B&W illustrations, 251pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 087857204X, (Order No: 15019 ), $5.00

49. Jekyll, Gertrude and Mawley, Edward (introduced and revised by Graham Stuart Thomas), ROSES, The Ayer Company, Salem, New Hampshire, (1983), B&W and color ill., 166pp, very good w/good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0881430013 Originally published as ROSES FOR ENGLISH GARDENS in 1902. The authors show the nearly limitless possibilities for planting between walls, on pergolas, along wood posts, on verandas, and on trees, never instructing so much as inspiring., (Order No: 23621 ), $10.00

50. Jekyll, Gertrude (introduced and revised by Graham Stuart Thomas), WALL AND WATER GARDENS, The Ayer Company, Salem, New Hampshire, (1983), B&W and color ill., 178pp, very good w/good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0881430021 Originally published in 1901. A guide to using mountain, marsh, and water plants in home gardening., (Order No: 23624 ), $7.50

51. Kramer, Jack, GARDENING WITH STONE AND SAND - A NEW APPROACH TO EASY GARDENING, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, (1972), B&W illustrations, 85pp, good, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0684125145 Botanical plates by Michael Valdez and Charles Hoeppner. Garden plans by Frank A. Chin Loy., (Order No: 32574 ), $8.50

52. Kramer, Jack, FLORIDA EXOTICS: UNUSUAL PLANTS FOR GARDEN AND HOME, Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas, (1998) 1st ptg, B&W and color illustrations, 186pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0878339213 Your all-purpose guide to more than two hundred beautiful exotic plants that will thrive in Florida--bromeliads, orchids, gingers, bougainvilleas, and more!, (Order No: 37741 ), $15.00

53. Kyoto Shoin Co.; (edited by Matsuki Kokichi) (photographs by Mizuno Katsuhiko), TSUBONIWA: THE JAPANESE COURTYARD GARDEN, Kyoto Shoin Co. Ltd., Kyoto, Japan, (1991) 1st ed, color illustrations, very good+ w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover) owner's name, ISBN 4763631675 The Japanese tsuboniwa, a small garden enclosed by buildings, attempt to represent a delicate slice of nature in a microcosm., (Order No: 60341 ), $60.00

54. Lasdun, Susan, THE ENGLISH PARK: ROYAL, PRIVATE & PUBLIC, The Vendome Press, New York, (1992), B&W and color illustrations, 216pp, very good w/good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0865651310 This book follows the long history of parks and makes a case for the continued care of this tradition both in the preservation of existing parks and the creation of new ones in our cities., (Order No: 19461 ), $15.00

55. Ledward, Daphne (introduction by), THE VICTORIAN GARDEN CATALOGUE: A TREASURE TROVE OF HORTICULTURAL PARAPHERNALIA, Studio Editions Ltd., London, (1995), B&W and color illustrations, 224pp, very good w/good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 1858912679 This volume brings together pages from the nineteenth-century masterpieces of some of the best-known garden and seed suppliers, including Sutton's and Webb's, to form a fascinating album of Victorian taste, fashion and down-to-earth common sense for every aspect of the garden., (Order No: 47912 ), $15.00

56. Leighton, Ann, EARLY AMERICAN GARDENS: "FOR MEATE OR MEDICINE", Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, MA, (1970) 2nd ptg, B&W illustrations, 441pp, good+ w/good dustjacket (hardcover), In this volume the author, who has herself reconstructed seventeenth-century gardens, sets forth what is known about the plants that sustained the earliest permanent settlers in North America., (Order No: 30334 ), $8.00

57. Lennox-Boyd, Arabella (text by); photographs by Clay Perry (foreword by Graham Stuart Thomas), TRADITIONAL ENGLISH GARDENS, Rizzoli, New York, (1987), color illustrations, 160pp, very good+ w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0847808297 Published in Association with the National Trust. This volume explores the English style in twenty-eight gardens in the care of the British National Trust., (Order No: 28943 ), $12.50

58. Llewellyn, Roddy, ORNAMENTAL ENGLISH GARDENS, Rizzoli, New York, (1989), B&W and color illustrations, 208pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover) small bump top cor., ISBN 0847811581 Author has chosen almost 100 classical planting and architectural features and describes in detail their origins, function and beauty, and illustrates with the finest examples of each., (Order No: 37502 ), $15.00

59. Loudon, J. C., ARBORETUM ET FRUTICETUM BRITANNICUM; OR, THE TREES AND SHRUBS OF BRITAIN --EIGHT VOLUME SET COMPLETE, Henry G. Bohn, London, 1854 2nd ed, B&W illustrations, very good, faded green cloth (hardcover) tight set - see note, "...NATIVE AND FOREIGN, HARDY AND HALF-HARDY, PICTORIALLY AND BOTANICALLY DELINEATED, AND SCIENTIFICALLY AND POPULARLY DESCRIBED; WITH THEIR PROPAGATION, CULTURE, MANAGEMENT, AND USES IN THE ARTS, IN USEFUL AND ORNAMENTAL PLANTATIONS, AND IN LANDSCAPE-GARDENING." Four text volumes (2,694 pages) with over 2500 text engravings, and four volumes of octavo and quarto plates (412 plates). As usual, this set exhibits LIGHT FOXING throughout. However, unlike most sets this set is exceptionally clean and tight and there are no faults or breaks or splits with any hinges in any of the volumes. The cloth of all volumes is uniformly faded, and this set essentially appears unused since published., (Order No: 53645 ), $1000.00

60. Marston, Peter, GARDEN ROOM STYLE, Rizzoli, New York, (1998), color illustrations, 160pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0847821536 With elements from both indoors and out, a garden room serves as a link in style between the house and garden. These rooms are light and refreshing, with sunshine and plants, offering a sense of space and of nature., (Order No: 55026 ), $10.00

61. Martin, Laura C., THE WILDFLOWER MEADOW BOOK: A GARDENER'S GUIDE, East Woods Press, Charlotte, NC, (1986) 2nd ptg, B&W and color ill., 303pp, fine w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0887420737 Published in cooperation with the American Horticultural Society, this practical and comprehensive guide covers all aspects of meadow gardening., (Order No: 28840 ), $12.00

62. Martin, Tovah, ONCE UPON A WINDOWSILL: A HISTORY OF INDOOR PLANTS, Timber Press, Portland, OR, (1988), B&W ill., 303pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover) inscribed by author, ISBN 0881921203 The history of the cultivation of houseplants., (Order No: 32344 ), $10.00

63. McDonald, Elvin (text by) - Editors of House Beautiful Magazine, JoAnn Barwick, Editor in Chief, HOUSE BEAUTIFUL OUTDOOR LIVING & GARDENS, Hearst Books, New York, (1990) 1st ed, over 250 color photographs, 223pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0688094295 Each chapter addresses a unique design challenge of a property. Included is advise on landscaping and selecting plantings that harmonize with different styles of homes., (Order No: 12270 ), $12.50

64. Molyneux, Edwin, CHRYSANTHEMUMS AND THEIR CULTURE (ILLUSTRATED), Edwin Molyneux, London, 1889 4th ed, B&W illustrations, 116pp, good, brown cloth (hardcover), A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON PROPAGATING, GROWING, AND EXHIBITING, FROM THE CUTTING TO THE SILVER CUP. A treatise of the cultivation of the Chrysanthemum., (Order No: 53353 ), $15.00

65. Morgan, Joan & Richards, Alison, A PARADISE OUT OF A COMMON FIELD: THE PLEASURES AND PLENTY OF THE VICTORIAN GARDEN, Harper & Row, Publishers, New York, (1990) 1st US, B&W ill. and 8 color plates, 256pp, fine w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0060160349 In this lively account of the Victorian gardener's heyday, developed from the radio series of the same name, the author's show how the patterns and competitiveness of upper-class life shaped the head gardener's role, while, at the same time, advances ranging from the widespread availability of thousands of new plants and improvements in glass-house technology to the rise of gastronomy gave him unprecedented scope to fulfill it., (Order No: 13001 ), $5.00

66. Nakahara, K. and Hashizume, M. (explained by); Ohara, Koun (arranged by) - Moribana & Heikwa, MORIBANA & HEIKWA -- SELECTED FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS OF THE OHARA SCHOOL, Jigyokudo, Japan, 1935 2nd ptg, color illustrations, very good, green cloth boards (hardcover) w/publishers slipcase, (Order No: 60894 ), $35.00

67. Nichols, Beverley (edited by John E. Cross), THE GIFT OF A GARDEN: OR SOME FLOWERS REMEMBERED, W. H. Allen, London, 1971, ill. by Rex Whistler, 344pp, good+ w/good+ dustjacket (hardcover) owner's name, ISBN 0491003587 Beverley Nichols has condensed his first three famous gardening books into one volume., (Order No: 47426 ), $40.00

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Ray Boas, Bookseller