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1. WHEN YESTERDAY BECOMES TOMORROW: CONGREGATION EMANU-EL OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 1845-1970, 125TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION, Congregation Emanu-El, New York, (1971) 1st ptg, B&W ill., 205pp, very good+, maroon cloth (hardcover), (Order No: 35256 ), $10.00

2. Abel, Ernest L., JEWISH GENETIC DISORDERS: A LAYMAN'S GUIDE, McFarland & Company, Inc., Jefferson, NC, (2001), 242pp, very good, maroon cloth (hardcover) EX-LIB, lacks front endpaper, ISBN 078640941X, (Order No: 57633 ), $12.00

3. Auerbach, Jerold S., JACOB'S VOICES: REFLECTIONS OF A WANDERING AMERICAN JEW, Southern Illinois Univ. Pr., Carbondale, IL, (1996), B&W frontis, 165pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 080932055X The autobiography of an American Jew who discovered in Israel a way to unravel the legacy of Jewish ambivalence transmitted by his immigrant grandfather and American father., (Order No: 30898 ), $10.00

4. Baer, Jean, THE SELF-CHOSEN: "OUR CROWD" IS DEAD, LONG LIVE OUR CROWD, Arbor House, New York, (1982), B&W illustrations, 372pp, very good w/good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0877953309 In this provocative, revealing work, Jean Baer, journalist and social commentator, examines a new generation of successful Jews, a meritocracy in which achievement, not inherited wealth and position, becomes the meaningful mark of distinction., (Order No: 16840 ), $4.00

5. Barth, Lewis M., AN ANALYSIS OF VATICAN 30, Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, OH, 1973, 342pp, fine, brown cloth (hardcover), ISBN 0878204008, (Order No: 17905 ), $20.00

6. Ben-Ami, Aharon, SOCIAL CHANGE IN A HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT: THE CRUSADERS' KINGDOM OF JERUSALEM, Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 1969, 193pp, very good w/good+ dustjacket (hardcover) owner's inscription, The author has examined the social and political history of the transplanted Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, showing how its social structure was influenced by intensive Islamic pressure on all sides, and how its eventual collapse was due almost entirely to its failure to adapt its suddenly irrelevant feudal institutions to meet the challenges of the new international system., (Order No: 43222 ), $10.00

7. Bieber, Hugo (edited by) (English translations made or selected by Moses Hadas), HEINRICH HEINE: A BIOGRAPHICAL ANTHOLOGY, Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia, PA, (1956) 1st ed, 452pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), Using Heine's letters, articles and poems, the late Dr. Hugo Bieber pieced together a continuous story of Heine's life from his childhood to his tragic death in 1856., (Order No: 35866 ), $10.00

8. Brauner, Ronald A. (edited by), SHIV'IM: ESSAYS AND STUDIES IN HONOR OF IRA EISENSTEIN, KTAV/RRCP, New York/Philadelphia, 1977, B&W frontis, 309pp, very good w/good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0870684426 Twenty-three scholars have contributed essays relating to the biblical, Rabbinic, medieval, and modern periods of Jewish civilization to commemorate the seventieth birthday of Rabbi Ira Eisenstein, president of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and a central figure and leading exponent of the Reconstructionist Movement., (Order No: 38782 ), $20.00

9. Brown, Thomas; Priestley, Joseph, THE HISTORY OF THE DESTRUCTION OF THE CITY AND TEMPLE OF JERUSALEUM ... AND, TO WHICH IS ADDED LETTERS TO THE JEWS, Thomas Brown, Albany, NY, 1825, good+, full calf (hardcover) clean and tight copy, Full title: THE HISTORY OF THE DESTRUCTION OF THE CITY AND TEMPLE OF JERUSALEM, AND OF THE RUIN AND DISPERSION OF THE JEWISH NATION ... WITH AN APPENDIX ... TO WHICH IS ADDED, DR. PRIESTLEY'S LETTERS TO THE JEWS, AND AN ANSWER BY DAVID LEVI, A LEARNED JEW. The history and appendix of 252 pages is followed by Priestley's work of 89 pages. The errata and index follows with the last page numbered 360., (Order No: 59781 ), $225.00

10. Cassedy, Steven, TO THE OTHER SHORE: THE RUSSIAN JEWISH INTELLECTUALS WHO CAME TO AMERICA, Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, (1997) 1st ptg, B&W illustrations, 199pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 069102975X The story of a small but influential group of Jewish intellectuals who immigrated to the United States from the Russian Empire between 1881 and the early 1920s--the era of "mass immigration.", (Order No: 38222 ), $10.00

11. Cournos, John, AN OPEN LETTER TO JEWS AND CHRISTIANS, Oxford University Press, New York, 1938, 183pp, good, black cloth (hardcover) inscribed by the author, This book being mostly about Jesus has naturally nothing to do with theology. It deals with Jesus in relation to Jews today, and Jesus dressed up in theology has no relation and cannot have any relation to Jews. The author urges the reclamation of Jesus by the Jews as both possible and desirable., (Order No: 39274 ), $30.00

12. Cox, Harvey, COMMON PRAYERS: FAITH, FAMILY, AND A CHRISTIAN'S JOURNEY THROUGH THE JEWISH YEAR, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, MA, 2001 1st ptg, 305pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0618067434 The author takes readers on an intimate journey through the Jewish year., (Order No: 33847 ), $12.00

13. Daly, Lloyd W. (edited by), BRITO METRICUS [BRITO METRICVS]: A MEDIAEVAL VERSE TREATISE ON GREEK AND HEBREW WORDS, Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, PA, (1968), 126pp, very good w/good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0812275721 This hitherto unpublished and unknown thirteenth-century treatise, written by Guillelmus Brito, a Franciscan and Master at the University of Paris, illuminates a debatable question among mediaeval and Renaissance historians: how much Greek did the mediaeval man of learning know?, (Order No: 38059 ), $14.50

14. Darshan, David & Perelmuter, Hayim Goren (translated and annotated by), SHIR HAMA'ALOT L'DAVID (SONG OF THE STEPS) AND KTAV HITNAZZELUT L'DARSHANIM (IN DEFENSE OF PREACHERS), Hebrew Union College Press, Cincinnati, OH, (1984), 183pp, text, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0878201165 This account of David Darshan of Cracow's background and translation of two almost forgotten books which consist of a collection of sermons, responsa, poems, model letters to distinguished persons, efforts to fund an academy, a sourcebook for would-be preachers and a defense of the craft, lifts the curtain on the inner life of the Jewish world in the late Middle Ages., (Order No: 13678 ), $6.00

15. Dowgiallo, Jan with Sarner, Harvey, FROM SCIENCE TO DIPLOMACY: A POLE'S EXPERIENCE IN ISRAEL, Brunswick Press, Cathedral City, CA, (1995) 1st ed, 80pp, very good+ w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), Jan Dowgiallo a world renown geologist at the Polish Academy of Science became his country's ambassador to Israel., (Order No: 38349 ), $20.00

16. Eckardt, Alice & Eckardt, Roy, ENCOUNTER WITH ISRAEL: A CHALLENGE TO CONSCIENCE, Association Press, New York, (1970), 10 B&W maps, 304pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), "How Israel came to be. Causes of conflict between Israel and Arab nations. Living in Israel-as Jew; as Arab; as Christian. Major issues faced in 1970's. Challenges Israel brings to the world. By a famous Protestant theologian and his wife.", (Order No: 13128 ), $7.50

17. Efron, Benjamin (edited by), CURRENTS AND TRENDS IN CONTEMPORARY JEWISH THOUGHT, Ktav Publishing House, Inc., New York, (1965), 311pp, good w/lightly chipped dustjacket (hardcover), This volume addresses the old traditions and values, and the meaning of the faith and Judaism for today., (Order No: 26820 ), $5.00

18. Emanuel, Muriel (compiled and edited by), ISRAEL: A SURVEY AND BIBLIOGRAPHY, St. Martin's Press, New York, (1971), 309pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), This survey is comprised of 25 essays written by people of varying interests and backgounds, but each an expert is his particular field. Each essay is accompanied by an extensive bibliography. Essays included are in the areas of: History and Zionism; The Government; The Economy; Collective and Cooperative Settlements; Technology and Medicine; Education and the Arts; Minorities; and, the Dead Sea Scrolls., (Order No: 12677 ), $15.00

19. Fenyvesi, Charles, WHEN THE WORLD WAS WHOLE: THREE CENTURIES OF MEMORIES, Viking, New York, (1990) 1st ptg, B&W ill., 268pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0670831808 The story of one family's enduring love of the land, and how the land--along with a world of custom and devotion--was lost., (Order No: 32186 ), $10.00

20. Fierman, Floyd S., ROOTS AND BOOTS: FROM CRYPTO-JEW IN NEW SPAIN TO COMMUNITY LEADER IN THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST, KTAV Publishing House, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, 1987, B&W illustrations, 243pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0881251143 A sequel to Fierman's highly acclaimed GUTS AND RUTS, the story of the Jew on the trail in the American Southwest., (Order No: 38735 ), $50.00

21. Fisch, Harold, THE DUAL IMAGE: THE FIGURE OF THE JEW IN ENGLISH AND AMERICAN LITERATURE, Ktav Publishing House, Inc., New York, (1971), 149pp, fine, navy cloth (hardcover), ISBN 0901057029 A broad survey of the subject of the Jew in English and American literature with the more characteristic and important examples pinpointed, rather than a comprehensive history. This book first appeared in a shorter form in 1959 as a contribution to the Popular Jewish Library (Second Series). It has now been revised and enlarged and the last three chapters, dealing with recent American and British writing, are new., (Order No: 13294 ), $17.50

22. Friedlander, Albert H., LEO BAECK: TEACHER OF THERESIENSTADT, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, (1968) 1st ed, 294pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), Leo Baeck ranks as one of the three Jewish thinkers who have had the greatest impact on twentieth-century religious thought., (Order No: 59510 ), $7.00

23. Goldberg, David (editor), THE FIELD OF YIDDISH: STUDIES IN LANGUAGE, FOLKLORE, AND LITERATURE, FIFTH COLLECTION, Northwestern Univ. Press, Evanston, IL, (1993), B&W figures, 327pp, fine, blue cloth (hardcover) (no dustjacket as issued), ISBN 0810110121 The editors of this Fifth Collection provide a continuation of the broadest possible definition of the field of Yiddish studies., (Order No: 13032 ), $5.00

24. Goldscheider, Calvin and Zuckerman, Alan S., THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE JEWS, The Univ. of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL, (1984) 1st ptg, 279pp, good+ w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0226301478 An analysis of modern Jewish society and politics and their evolution during two centuries of change., (Order No: 38733 ), $12.50

25. Grant, Michael, THE HISTORY OF ANCIENT ISRAEL, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, (1984) 1st ptg, B&W maps, 317pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0684180812 A full portrait of Ancient Israel. Grant traces the evolution of the Israelites from the earliest permanent settlements in Canaan to the destruction of Jerusalem and the second temple in 70 A.D., and recreates the social, economic, political, and religious life of the times, placing Israel in the larger context of the Middle East., (Order No: 27044 ), $5.00

26. Gross, David C. (edited by), DICTIONARY OF 1000 JEWISH PROVERBS - HIPPOCRENE BILINGUAL PROVERBS, Hippocrene Books, New York, (1997), 125pp, fine, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0781805295, (Order No: 57557 ), $7.50

27. Gruen, Erich S., HERITAGE AND HELLENISM: THE REINVENTION OF JEWISH TRADITION, Univ. of California Press, Berkeley, CA, (1998) 1st ptg, 335pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0520210522, (Order No: 61419 ), $7.00

28. Katz, Steven T. (edited by), AMERICAN RABBI: THE LIFE AND THOUGHT OF JACOB B. AGUS, New York University Press, New York, (1997), 244pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0814746934, (Order No: 61644 ), $14.50

29. Katz, Steven T. (edited by); Agus, Jacob B., THE ESSENTIAL AGUS: THE WRITINGS OF JACOB B. AGUS, New York University Press, New York, (1997), 573pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0814746926, (Order No: 61946 ), $8.50

30. Kimche, Jon, THERE COULD HAVE BEEN PEACE, The Dial Press, New York, 1973 1st ptg, 360pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), The tragic story of why peace in the Middle East will not come in the immediate future-and may not come in our lifetime., (Order No: 11021 ), $5.00

31. Komaiko, S. B., HERE TO STAY: A COLLECTION OF JEWISH SHORT STORIES, Bloch Publishing Company, New York, 1951 2nd ptg, 322pp, good, blue cloth (hardcover) faded spine, inscribed by author, (Order No: 40273 ), $7.50

32. Korbonski, Stefan, THE JEWS AND THE POLES IN WORLD WAR II, Hippocrene Books, New York, (1989), 136pp, fine w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0870525913 "This is the story of what the Poles did to try and save the Jews in the face of the most brutal reprisals - automatic sentences of death to entire families.", (Order No: 58447 ), $30.00

33. Langer, Lawrence L., THE HOLOCAUST AND THE LITERARY IMAGINATION, Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, (1977) 3rd ptg, 300pp, good+, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0300021216 A perceptive study of the literature of the Holocaust., (Order No: 25621 ), $7.50

34. Lehmann, Ruth P., NOVA BIBLIOTHECA ANGLO-JUDAICA: A BIBLIOGRAPHICAL GUIDE TO ANGLO-JEWISH HISTORY 1937-1960, Jewish Historical Society, London, 1961, 232pp, very good, green cloth (hardcover), The NOVA BIBLIOTHECA ANGLO-JUDAICA has been prepared in response to a request by the Jewish Historical Society of England to bring up to date Dr. Cecil Roth's MAGNA BIBLIOTHECA ANGLO-JUDAICA published in 1937., (Order No: 53204 ), $45.00

35. Leshem, Moshe, ISREAL ALONE: HOW THE JEWISH STATE LOST ITS WAY, AND HOW IT CAN FIND IT AGAIN, Simon & Schuster Inc., New York, (1989) 1st ptg, 304pp, very good++, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0671725122 Leshem brings more than forty yeas of diplomatic experience to this provocative and timely analysis of three centuries of Jewish history., (Order No: 42685 ), $4.50

36. Levin, Marlin, BALM IN GILEAD: THE STORY OF HADASSAH, Schocken Books, New York, (1973), 275pp, good w/lightly chipped dustjacket (hardcover), (Order No: 10005 ), $5.00

37. Lewis, John, THE PATHWAY OF GOD IN HEBREW LIFE, Thomas Griffiths and Co., Manchester, [1910], B&W frontis, 184pp, good, red cloth (hardcover) faint white spot on spine, Contents include: Biblical Inspiration; The Creation; The Fall; The Prophet and His Message; The Prophet at the Cross-Roads; The Prophet--Capital and Labour; The Priest; The Pharisee and Sadducee., (Order No: 46906 ), $15.00

38. Litvinoff, Barnet, WEIZMANN: LAST OF THE PATRIARCHS, G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, (1976) 1st Amer, B&W photos, 288pp, very good+ w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0399117180 "For a man to gain recognition as a statesman of world ranking while yet without a nation to represent is a measure of the unique achievement of Chaim Weizmann, a towering figure of the twentieth century who combined a life of science with service to the Jewish cause.", (Order No: 8900 ), $6.50

39. Litvinoff, Barnet, THE BURNING BUSH: ANTI-SEMITISM AND WORLD HISTORY, E. P. Dutton, New York, (1988) 1st Amer, 493pp, very good+ w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0525246029 A history of the Jews and the people among whom they lived, from their dispersal by the Romans in the first century A.D. and their subsequent wanderings from country to country over the next two thousand years., (Order No: 43209 ), $6.00

40. McGaha, Michael (selected, translated, and introduced by), COAT OF MANY CULTURES: THE STORY OF JOSEPH IN SPANISH LITERATURE, 1200-1492, The Jewish Publication Soc., Philadelphia, PA, (1997), 459pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0827605706 McGaha's book presents seven works based on the biblical story., (Order No: 38910 ), $14.50

41. Miller, Robert D., CHIEFTAINS OF THE HIGHLAND CLANS: A HISTORY OF ISRAEL IN THE 12TH AND 11TH CENTURIES B.C., William B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., Grand Rapids, MI, (2005) 1st ptg, 186pp, fine, wraps (softcover), ISBN 080280988X, (Order No: 57092 ), $5.00

42. Nelken, Halina (translated by Halina Nelken with Alicia Nitecki), AND YET, I AM HERE! - HALINA NELKEN, Univ. of Massachusetts Press, Amherst, MA, (1999), 276pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 1558491562 This diary gives a unique and moving account of the Nazi occupation and of the experience of the camps of Plaszow and Auschwitz., (Order No: 59354 ), $12.50

43. Neusner, Jacob, THE TALMUD OF THE LAND OF ISRAEL: AN ACADEMIC COMMENTARY TO THE SECOND, THIRD, AND FOURTH DIVISIONS..., Scholars Press, Atlanta, GA, (1998), 274pp, fine, green cloth (hardcover) (no dustjacket as published), XIII. A. YERUSHALMI TRACTATE YEBAMOT, CHAPTERS ONE THROUGH TEN. Identifies the completed units of discourse of the document, that is, the compositions, and to show how these are formed into larger groups or composites; to delineate the structure and sequence of composites, showing the logic that governs their order; and to undescore the principles of rationality and order that govern throughout., (Order No: 36519 ), $25.00

44. Neusner, Jacob, THE DOCUMENTARY FORM-HISTORY OF RABBINIC LITERATURE: VOLUME VII THE HALAKHIC SECTOR THE TALMUD OF BABYLONIA, Scholars Press, Atlanta, GA, (1998), 239pp, very good+, maroon cloth (hardcover) (no dustjacket), ISBN 0788504754 VII. The Halakhic Sector, The Talmud of Babylonia, F. Tractates Arakhin through Niddah and Conclusions. "Here I complete my investigation of the rules of writing that told the ancient sages how they should formulate whatever they wished to say.", (Order No: 38598 ), $35.00

45. Neusner, Jacob, THE BAVLI AND ITS SOURCES: BROWN JUDAIC STUDIES NUMBER 85, Scholars Press, Atlanta, GA, (1987), 209pp, fine, maroon cloth (hardcover), ISBN 1555401171 "The Question of Tradition in the Case of Tractate Sukkah.", (Order No: 38818 ), $17.50

46. Neusner, Jacob, WRONG WAYS AND RIGHT WAYS IN THE STUDY OF FORMATIVE JUDAISM: BROWN JUDAIC STUDIES NUMBER 145, Scholars Press, Atlanta, GA, (1988), 253pp, fine, orange cloth (hardcover), ISBN 1555402283 "Critical Method and Literature, History, and the History of Religion.", (Order No: 38819 ), $30.00

47. Neusner, Jacob (edited by), CHRISTIANITY, JUDAISM AND OTHER GRECO- ROMAN CULTS - STUDIES FOR MORTON SMITH AT SIXTY - FOUR VOLUME SET !!!, E. J. Brill, Leiden, Netherlands, 1975, B&W illustrations, very good+, red cloth (hardcover) Some MARGINAL NOTES see notes), ISBN 9004042156 "Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity - Volume Twelve" which consists of four parts, as follows: Part One - NEW TESTAMENT, 330pp; Part Two - EARLY CHRISTIANITY, 227pp, Note in this volume there are MARGINAL NOTES on about 72 pages; Part Three - JUDAISM BEFORE 70, 248pp, Note - in this volume there are MARGINAL NOTES on about 4 pages; and, Part Four - JUDAISM AFTER 70 OTHER GRECO-ROMAN CULTS BIBLIOGRAPHY, 241pp. The scholar who owned this library occasionally made marginal notes which are in a small handwriting, in margins, and not within the text itself, do not be frightened away. A hard to find set., (Order No: 47455 ), $385.00

48. Rabinowicz, Harry M., THE JEWISH LITERARY TREASURES OF ENGLAND AND AMERICA, Thomas Yoseloff, New York, (1962), B&W ill., 166pp, good w/lightly edgeworn dustjacket (hardcover), Detailing the history and development of seventeen famous libraries in England and the United States, Dr. Rabinowicz gives fascinating, concise, and accurate information on the priceless Hebrew literary treasures they contain., (Order No: 35019 ), $6.00

49. Raskin, Saul, HEBREW RHAPSODY IN 100 DRAWINGS, Academy Photo Offset, Inc., New York, (1959), B&W illustrations, 136pp, very good, green cloth (hardcover) no dustjacket, This, the author's eleventh book, was not intended to be as he thought ARON-HAKODESH would be the last. "The title of this volume, HEBREW RHAPSODY, may offer some explanation of its coming into being. Rhapsody means a lightly emotional utterance in the form of a literary, or musical composition. In the present case, it is a Rhapsody in the medium of graphic art, a HEBREW RHAPSODY IN A HUNDRED DRAWINGS. An ode to my people, my wonderful "old and young again" people.", (Order No: 32387 ), $100.00

50. Rittner, Carol and Roth, John K. (edited and with introductions by), DIFFERENT VOICES: WOMEN AND THE HOLOCAUST, Paragon House, New York, (1993) 1st ed, 435pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 1557785031 This compendium of writings records and analyzes the specific experiences that women endured during the Holocaust as women., (Order No: 57977 ), $20.00

51. Rosenkrantz, Linda and Satran, Pamela Redmond, BEYOND SARAH AND SAM: AN ENLIGHTENED GUIDE TO JEWISH BABY NAMING, St. Martin's Press, New York, (1992) 1st ed, 114pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0312069030, (Order No: 18124 ), $10.00

52. Rudavsky, T. M. (edited by), GENDER AND JUDAISM: THE TRANSFORMATION OF TRADITION, New York University Press, New York, (1995) 1st ptg, 330pp, very good+, light reddish cloth (hardcover) no dustjacket, ISBN 0814774520 Some light fade on cloth., (Order No: 60768 ), $20.00

53. Runes, Dagobert D. (edited by), CONCISE DICTIONARY OF JUDAISM, Philosophical Library, New York, (1959), over 60 B&W ill., 237pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), A handy guidebook of quick reference in the fields of Jewish history, religion, philosophy and literature., (Order No: 15507 ), $5.00

54. Runes, Dagobert D. (preface by), THE TALMUD OF JERUSALEM, Philosophical Library, New York, (1956), 160pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), (Order No: 35456 ), $10.00

55. Schiffman, Lawrence H., THE HALAKHAH AT QUMRAN - STUDIES IN JUDAISM IN LATE ANTIQUITY, E. J. Brill, Leiden, Netherlands, 1975, 170pp, very good+, red cloth (hardcover) MARGINAL NOTES About 3 pages, ISBN 9004043489 Owner's name on front free endpaper., (Order No: 47454 ), $150.00

56. Shadur, Joseph, YOUNG TRAVELERS TO JERUSALEM, The Ingeborg Rennert Center, Ramat Gan, 1999, color frontis, B&W ill., 208pp, fine, pictorial boards (hardcover) inscribed by the author, ISBN 9652229199 AN ANNOTATED SURVEY OF AMERICAN AND ENGLISH JUVENILE LITERATURE ON THE HOLY LAND, 1785-1940. Among the innumerable works of travel, exploration, religion, and fiction dealing with the Holy Land and the neighboring regions are also books written for children and younsters. This survey traces the evolution of such English-language books throughout one hundred and fifty years--from the end of the 18th century into the 1930s., (Order No: 46634 ), $25.00

57. Sharkansky, Ira, RITUALS OF CONFLICT: RELIGION, POLITICS, AND PUBLIC POLICY IN ISRAEL, Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder, CO, (1996) 1st ptg, 172pp, very good, decorated cream cloth (hardcover), ISBN 1555876781 This book focuses on disputes within the Jewish sector but cannot overlook tensions among Jews, Muslims, and Christians, as well as quarrels between Muslims and Christians., (Order No: 38635 ), $45.00

58. Shepherd, Naomi, ALARMS AND EXCURSIONS: THIRTY YEARS IN ISRAEL, William Collins Sons & Co., London, 1990 1st ed, 1 B&W map, 220pp, very good+ w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0002153335 This graphic account of an English Jew's life in Israel moves from her early encounters with outsiders and loners of all kinds to her closer involvement, through marriage to a native-born Israeli, in local society and politics. The changes and conflicts in this turbulent country form the background to her story., (Order No: 11409 ), $5.00

59. Shulman, Abraham, THE NEW COUNTRY - JEWISH IMMIGRANTS IN AMERICA, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, (1976) 1st ptg, B&W illustrations, 208pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover) few closed tears jacket, ISBN 0684147041, (Order No: 47351 ), $6.00

60. Simon, Rachel, CHANGE WITHIN TRADITION AMONG JEWISH WOMEN IN LIBYA, Univ. of Washington Press, Seattle, WA, (1992), B&W illustrations, 221pp, fine w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0295971673, (Order No: 59227 ), $7.00

61. Syrkin, Marie (selected and with an introduction by), HAYIM GREENBERG: ANTHOLOGY, Wayne State University Press, Detroit, MI, 1968, 342pp, good w/lightly chipped dustjacket (hardcover), In this collection some of Hayim Greenberg's best essays offer his thoughts on religion and ethics, Jews and Zionism, socialism and communism, with the broader aspects of life in general., (Order No: 38989 ), $16.50

62. Wasserfall, Rahel R. (edited by), WOMEN AND WATER: MENSTRUATION IN JEWISH LIFE AND LAW, Brandeis University Press, (1999) 1st ptg, 280pp, fine, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0874519608 Since ancient times, Jewish law has designated women as impure during their menstrual flow and for several days thereafter. Purification in a miqveh (a ritual bath) following her period restores her full status as a wife and member of the Jewish community., (Order No: 59206 ), $25.00

63. Weiss-Rosmarin, Trude, JEWISH SURVIVAL: ESSAYS AND STUDIES, Philosophical Library, Inc., New York, (1949), 404pp, very good w/lightly chipped dustjacket (hardcover), The past decade has marked two cataclysmic events which have completely changed the Jewish situation: the annihilation of one third of the Jewish people-together with what had been the center of Jewish gravity for the past three centuries-and the birth of the Jewish State. The multifaceted problems implicit in these profound changes are examined and analyzed in "Jewish Survival.", (Order No: 9516 ), $12.50

Ray Boas, Bookseller