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1. Chu, Arthur and Grace, ORIENTAL ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES: A GUIDE, Crown Publishers, Inc., NY, 1973, ill., 248pp, g w/g dj, Covers all main categories of Orientalia., (Order No: 967 ), $25.00

2. Crossman, Carl L., THE CHINA TRADE: EXPORT PAINTINGS, FURNITURE, SILVER AND OTHER OBJECTS, The Pyne Press, Princeton, NJ, (1972) 1st ed, over 240 B&W and color ill., 275pp, good w/lightly chipped dustjacket, Book is devoted to all categories of fine objects made for export except porcelain. Decorative and useful wares made in Chinese and Western styles filled out the cargoes of tea, silks and chinaware which began reaching the US after the Revolutionary War., (Order No: 2274 ), $95.00

3. Deydier, Christian (foreword by Michel Beurdeley - translated by Janet Seligman), CHINESE BRONZES, Rizzoli, New York, (1980), B&W and color illustrations, 252pp, very good+ w/very good dustjacket, Book discusses recent archaeological finds in China and examines the role they are playing in the expansion of Western knowledge and appreciation of ancient Chinese art. Traces the artistic evolution from dynasty to dynasty. Includes a pictorial cataloge of 102 specific identifications, summarizing the entire development of this area of Chinese art., (Order No: 4775 ), $75.00

4. Hartman, Joan M., CHINESE JADE OF FIVE CENTURIES, Charles E. Tuttle Co., Rutland, VT, (1969) 1st, 51 plates, 172pp, g w/chipped dj, "Although jade was carved in China from prehistoric times, it was in the 14th century at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty that it came into its own medium for the talented craftsmen of the imperial court.", (Order No: 5972 ), $40.00

5. Jonas, F. M., NETSUKE, Charles E. Tuttle Company, Rutland, VT, (1966) 4th ptg, B&W and color ill., 185pp, very good w/good dustjacket, Mr. Jonas' object is to put at the disposal of netsuke collectors a short account of their history and some explanation of the subjects they portray, as well as to supply a guide for determining the names of the carvers and the periods in which they worked. The illustrations consist of fifty-five photographic plates--nine of them in color--picturing a total of 214 netsuke, ranging from the late 17th to the late 19th century., (Order No: 22650 ), $30.00

6. Moss, Paul, THE LITERATI MODE: CHINESE SCHOLAR PAINTINGS, CALLIGRAPHY AND DESK OBJECTS, Sydney L. Moss, Ltd., London, (1986), B&W and color ill., 322pp, fine w/very good+ dj, A catalogue and exhibit (with historical notes) of items from this London firm., (Order No: 8755 ), $45.00

7. Ridley, Michael, FAR EASTERN ANTIQUITIES, Henry Regnery Company, Chicago, (1972), 113 color & 19 B&W plates, 112pp, very good w/very good dj, A concise account of the artistry of the Far East including: painting, Japanese prints, Lacquer, Bronzes, Sculpture, Pottery Sculpture, Miniature Sculpture and Carving., (Order No: 8754 ), $20.00

8. Schuster, Felicia and Wolseley, Cecilia, VASES OF THE SEA: FAR EASTERN PORCELAIN AND OTHER TREASURES, Charles Scribner's Sons, NY, (1974), color ill., 157pp, fine w/fine dj, Much of the book is devoted to porcelain, but also covered is: ivory, snuff-bottles, Japanese cloisonne, etc., (Order No: 8822 ), $22.50

9. Watson, William, ANCIENT CHINESE BRONZES, Faber and Faber, London, 1977 (2nd), over 200 B&W plates, 128pp, f w/f dj, Since first published in 1962, the standard work on the subject of bronzes of ancient China from the earliest times to the Han Dynasty., (Order No: 1213 ), $50.00

10. Yamada, Chisaburoh F. (general editor), DECORATIVE ARTS OF JAPAN, Kodansha International Ltd., Tokyo, (1964) 1st ed, 107 tipped in color plates, 262pp, very good+, dustjacket lacks 2"piece from top of spine, Errata slip laid in. Following the introduction, are the plates organized in the following sections: ceramics, metal work, lacquer ware, and textiles., (Order No: 8964 ), $150.00

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