Here are the 19 books about the Polar regions - The North and South Poles  - and exploration in those regions that are in stock as of January 3, 2014. These books are always a favorite of mine since I have worked in Antarctica and made two trips to the bottom of the earth and walked around the South Pole. And, I have also been above the Arctic Circle. Just make a note of the Order No(s) of the books you would like to order, and they are easy to order from Ray Boas, Bookseller in Walpole, New Hampshire.

1. Admiral Lord Mountevans, SOUTH WITH SCOTT, Collins, London, (1952), B&W illustrations, 288pp, good w/chipped dustjacket (hardcover), (Order No: 61869 ), $6.00

2. Brent, Peter, CAPTAIN SCOTT AND THE ANTARCTIC TRAGEDY, Saturday Review Press, New York, (1974), about 100 B&W ill, 16pp col., 223pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0871502587 The story of the tragic and heroic death in 1912 of Robert Falcon Scott in the wastes of the Antarctic has ever since captured people's imagination., (Order No: 10773 ), $15.00

3. Byrd, Richard E., LITTLE AMERICA: AERIAL EXPLORATION IN THE ANTARCTIC THE FLIGHT TO THE SOUTH POLE, G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1930 5th ptg, 74 B&W illustrations, maps, 422pp, good+, blue cloth (hardcover) (no dustjacket), (Order No: 3862 ), $10.00

4. Corner, George W., DOCTOR KANE OF THE ARCTIC SEAS, Temple University Press, Philadelphia, PA, (1972), B&W illustrations, 306pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0877220220 It is with Kane's most celebrated adventures that this book is chiefly concerned: two expeditions to the Arctic in search of Sir John Franklin., (Order No: 54707 ), $10.00

5. Gurney, Alan, BELOW THE CONVERGENCE: VOYAGES TOWARD ANTARCTICA 1699-1839, W. W. Norton & Company, New York, (1997) 1st ptg, 315pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover) DAMPSTAIN TOP EDGE-OWNER INSC, ISBN 0393039498, (Order No: 60309 ), $7.50

6. Herbert, Wally, THE NOOSE OF LAURELS: ROBERT E. PEARY AND THE RACE TO THE NORTH POLE, Atheneum, New York, 1989 1st ptg, B&W ill, B&W maps & diagrams, 395pp, very good+ w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0689120346 Here, Wally Herbert, one of the finest polar explorers of our time, takes on the task of analyzing Peary's achievements., (Order No: 21254 ), $4.50

7. Kane, Elisha Kent, ARCTIC EXPLORATIONS: THE SECOND GRINNELL EXPEDITION IN SEARCH OF SIR JOHN FRANKLIN, 1853, '54, '55 - TWO VOLUME SET, Childs & Peterson, Philadelphia, 1856, upwards of 300 B&W ill, maps, very good, rebound in 2001 in brown cloth - clean and tight set, Exceptionally nice set, newly rebound in brown cloth with new marbled endpapers. Hard to find any foxing, only minimal on a few pages. Volume I, 464pp; Volume II, 467pp., (Order No: 2592 ), $185.00

8. Langone, John, LIFE AT THE BOTTOM: THE PEOPLE OF ANTARCTICA, Little, Brown and Company, Boston, MA, (1977) 1st ed, 262pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0316154263 Focuses on the people--scientists, servicemen, and civilians--who choose to live and work along the earth's final frontier, Antarctica., (Order No: 45720 ), $5.00

9. Lee, Charles, SNOW, ICE AND PENGUINS - A CAVALCADE OF ANTARCTIC ADVENTURES, Dodd, Mead & Company, New York, (1950), 417pp, good w/chipped dustjacket (hardcover), (Order No: 41285 ), $7.00

10. Moss, Sanford (text by); deLeiris, Lucia (illustrations by), NATURAL HISTORY OF THE ANTARCTIC PENINSULA, Columbia University Press, New York, 1988, B&W illustrations, 208pp, very good+ w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0231062680 "Unfolds the intricate, interconnecting chain that makes life possible on this land of superlatives and extremes.", (Order No: 55746 ), $8.00

11. Neatby, L. H., CONQUEST OF THE LAST FRONTIER, Ohio University Press, Athens, OH, (1966), maps, 425pp, very good+ w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), (Order No: 60165 ), $5.00

12. Rawlins, Dennis, PEARY AT THE NORTH POLE - FACT OR FICTION?, Robert B. Luce, Inc., Washington - New York, (1973), B&W illustrations, 320pp, good+ w/good+ dustjacket (hardcover) EX-LIB, ISBN 0883310422 Rawlins here presents indubitable proof that, even if Peary did reach the Pole, his scientific and navigational records wre so inadequate that his claim should be revoked., (Order No: 54741 ), $7.50

13. Savours, Ann (edited by) and Scott, Peter (introduced by), SCOTT'S LAST VOYAGE: THROUGH THE ANTARCTIC CAMERA OF HERBERT PONTING, Praeger Publishers, New York, (1975), B&W and color illustrations, 160pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0275526704 This book tells the story of Scott's last expedition. Herbert Ponting was the "camera artist" of the expedition, and his photographs are a marvelous record of this epic exploration., (Order No: 45723 ), $7.50

14. Schiller, Barbara, THE VINLANDERS' SAGA, Kaye & Ward, London, (1969), ill. by William Bock, 71pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), The great Icelandic saga of the discovery of North America (Greenland and Vinland) is a tale of incredible daring and adventure. With colour and humour, Barbara Schiller puts this remarkable epic in story form for young readers., (Order No: 49926 ), $5.00

15. Solomon, Susan, THE COLDEST MARCH: SCOTT'S FATAL ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION, Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, (2001) 2nd ptg, B&W illustrations, 383pp, very good+ w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0300089678 This riveting book tells the tragic story of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his British team who in November 1911 began a trek across the snows of Antarctica, striving to be the first to reach the South Pole., (Order No: 37919 ), $15.00

16. Spufford, Francis, I MAY BE SOME TIME: ICE AND THE ENGLISH IMAGINATION, St. Martin's Press, New York, (1997) 1st ed, 372pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 031217442X A richly engrossing cultural history of the human obsession with ice, Eskimos, and polar exploration., (Order No: 34268 ), $11.50

17. Stefansson, Vilhjalmur, HUNTERS OF THE GREAT NORTH, Harcourt, Brace and Company, New York, (1922), B&W illustrations, 301pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover) inscribed by author, Very nice clean and tight copy. Warmly inscribed on the first blank page by the author on Thanksgiving Day 1937. Stefansson tells how he became an explorer and of his first trip into the Arctic., (Order No: 8515 ), $100.00

18. Stefansson, Vilhjalmur, NOT BY BREAD ALONE, The Macmillan Company, New York, 1946 1st ptg, 339pp, good+ w/lightly chipped dustjacket (hardcover), In 1906, Vilhjalmur Stefansson found himself a lone European among the Mackenzie River Eskimos, who had no other food than meat and fish. This book tells about his experiences, and about the adventures of other Arctic explorers, fur trappers, Indians, and soldiers, who have thrived on an exclusive diet of meat or fish, or meat and fish., (Order No: 57955 ), $200.00

19. Tremaine, Marie (edited by), ARCTIC BIBLIOGRAPHY - VOLUME 12, VOL. XII - A-Z NO. 69,456 - 76,725, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC, 1965, 1392pp, good+, gray buckram cloth (hardcover) EX-LIB, Prepared by The Arctic Institute of North America with suppport of Government Agencies of The United States and Canada., (Order No: 48977 ), $15.00

Ray Boas, Bookseller