On this page you can browse through the 241 railroading titles that are on our shelves as of November 29, 2015, at Ray Boas, Bookseller, in Walpole, New Hampshire.  The titles on this page are mainly US Railroads, but there are some books from other countries, and an occasional British title.  I also have a separate page on England's Railroads with almost 300 titles that you may enjoy browsing.  If you spot any title(s) to add to your collection, make a note of the Order No(s). and please place your order at any time. Thank you, RAY

1. Mead, Jr., Edgar T., OVER THE HILLS TO WOODSTOCK: THE SAGA OF THE WOODSTOCK RAILROAD [WOODSTOCK, VERMONT], The Stephen Greene Press, Brattleboro, VT, 1967, B&W illustrations, 44pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), (Order No: 238 ), $8.00

2. Carleton, Paul, THE ERIE LACKAWANNA STORY, D. Carleton Rail Books, River Vale, NJ, (1974), B&W illustrations, 479pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), This book is meant to be an all time photographic remembrance of the E-L and its two predecessor companies., (Order No: 1448 ), $45.00

3. Gibbon, John Murray, STEEL OF EMPIRE - THE ROMANTIC HISTORY OF THE CANADIAN PACIFIC, THE NORTHWEST PASSAGE OF TODAY, Tudor Publishing Company, New York, 1937, B&W illustrations, 423pp, good, blue cloth (hardcover) EX-LIB light edgewear, First published in 1935. Book covers early exploration of the area, the fur trade, efforts to get through mountain regions, and the development of rail lines. This reprint edition reads on the spine: HISTORY OF THE CANADIAN PACIFIC, but is the exact same book as originally published under the title STEEL OF EMPIRE., (Order No: 1920 ), $7.50

4. Adams, Charles Francis, RAILROADS: THEIR ORIGIN AND PROBLEMS (REVISED EDITION, WITH APPENDIX), G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1878 1st ed, 216pp, good, brown cloth (hardcover) EDGEWEAR, FFEP loose, First 80 pages provides the development of the railroad system to the time. Majority of the book provides probably the most useful description and analysis for the time, of the problems arising out of competition and of attempts to solve them, with the results. Discussion is objective, and based on wide experience and observation. Larson 3318., (Order No: 2067 ), $30.00

5. McLuhan, T. C., DREAM TRACKS: THE RAILROAD AND THE AMERICAN INDIAN 1890-1930, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York, (1985), B&W and color illustrations, 208pp, very good+ w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0810908352 Illustrated with photographs from the William E. Kopplin collection., (Order No: 2461 ), $15.00

6. Daggett, Stuart, CHAPTERS ON THE HISTORY OF THE SOUTHERN PACIFIC, Augustus M. Kelley, Pub., New York, 1966, B&W illustrations, 470pp, very good+, gray cloth (hardcover), First published in 1922. An objective work based chiefly on printed sources. The author's purpose was "to throw light upon the problems encountered ... and to characterize and interpret the policies adopted..." Valuable. Larson 970., (Order No: 2776 ), $65.00

7. Larrabee, William, THE RAILROAD QUESTION: A HISTORICAL AND PRACTICAL TREATISE ON RAILROADS, AND REMEDIES FOR THEIR ABUSES, The Schulte Publishing Co., Chicago, IL, 1898 10th ed, B&W illustrations, 488pp, good, blue cloth (hardcover) EX-LIB FFEP taped, Author was a pioneer manufacturer of Iowa who became State senator and governor. Deals with railway expansion, abuses and their remedies - especially in Iowa - and presents a critical survey of the more important books and articles in railway literature. Holds that railroads should be controlled by government just as public highways are. First published in 1893. Larson 3307., (Order No: 4897 ), $10.00

8. Beebe, Lucius & Clegg, Charles (signed by both authors), NARROW GAUGE IN THE ROCKIES: AN ELEGANT PRESENTATION OF SLIM LINE RAILROADING, Howell-North, Berkeley, CA, (1960) 3rd ptg, 250 B&W illustrations, 224pp, good w/lightly rubbed and chipped dustjacket (hardcover), First published in 1958. "This is the story of the three- foot cars and engines on which an entire generation of the Colorado Frontier rode to golden destinies of riches and romance.", (Order No: 5083 ), $12.00

9. Schotter, H. W., THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD COMPANY 1846-1926, Allen, Lane & Scott Press, Philadelphia, 1927, 518pp, very good, red cloth (hardcover) light fade to cloth as usual, "A Review of the Charter and Annual Reports of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1846 to 1926, Inclusive." LIGHT FADE TO CLOTH AS USUAL., (Order No: 7452 ), $20.00

10. Strong, L. A. G., THE ROLLING ROAD: THE STORY OF TRAVEL ON THE ROADS OF BRITAIN AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF PUBLIC PASSENGER TRANSPORT, Hutchinson, London, (1956), B&W photos, 248pp, very good, green cloth (hardcover) (no dustjacket), (Order No: 7723 ), $12.00

11. Liddell, Ken, I'LL TAKE THE TRAIN, Prairie Books, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, (1971) 3rd ptg, 16 B&W photos, 196pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0919306063 First published in 1966. This book is full of nostalgic references to the famous "steamers" and the extraordinary men who ran them., (Order No: 10393 ), $10.00

12. Hill, Howard G., RIDING THE LIMITEDS' LOCOMOTIVES, Superior Publishing Company, Seattle, (1972) 1st ed, 104 B&W photos, maps, 175pp, very good w/good+ dustjacket (hardcover), "With this book the reader feels as though he is actually in the locomotives cab with the author. ...", (Order No: 11144 ), $14.50

13. Whitehouse, P. B., NARROW GAUGE ALBUM, Ian Allan Ltd., London, (1957), B&W illustrations, 142pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover) EX-SCHOOL LIBRARY, This book covers lines mainly in Ireland. EX-LIB - But No External Marks., (Order No: 11234 ), $15.00

14. Turner, Gregg M. and Jacobus, Melancthon W., CONNECTICUT RAILROADS... AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY - ONE HUNDRED FIFTY YEARS OF RAILROAD HISTORY, Connecticut Historical Soc., Hartford, CT, 1986, 540 B&W ill., 317pp, very good, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0940748908, (Order No: 11939 ), $20.00

15. Wiggin, Ruby Crosby, BIG DREAMS AND LITTLE WHEELS, published by the autor, Clinton, ME, (1971) 2nd ptg, B&W illustrations, 103pp, very good, wraps (softcover), First published in 1971. The history of the Wiscasset and Quebec Railroadfrom its incorporation in 1854 to the last turn of its little wheels in 1933. Examines the role it played in the small Maine communities through which it passed., (Order No: 11940 ), $5.00

16. Farrington, S. Kip, RAILROADING AROUND THE WORLD, Coward-McCann, Inc., New York, (1955), B&W illustrations, 230pp, good w/lightly chipped dustjacket (hardcover), A book of strikingly beautiful pitures collected by the author while inspecting the operations of thirty-four railroads in twenty-two countries. The text explains the pictures and gives a vivid account of the conditions and problems met and solved by railroad men everywhere., (Order No: 12532 ), $7.00

17. THE TIMES, AMERICAN RAILWAY NUMBER, FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 1912, The Times Office, London, 1912, B&W illustrations, maps, 245pp, ads, good, red cloth (couple stain spots on covers), An English encyclopedia of information about American railways. Great illustrations., (Order No: 13334 ), $75.00

18. Lloyd, Roger, FAREWELL TO STEAM, George Allen & Unwin Ltd, London, (1956), B&W frontis, 128pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), A record of one man's particular joy in trains and all that has to do with them. Lloyd proclaims the glory and salutes the fame of the steam engine, which for 130 years has dominated the railway scene in Britain., (Order No: 17755 ), $20.00

19. Sherwood, Shirley, VENICE SIMPLON ORIENT-EXPRESS: THE RETURN OF THE WORLD'S MOST CELEBRATED TRAIN, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, (1983), B&W and color ill., maps, 160pp, very good+ w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0297782614 This beautifully illustrated book traces the history of luxury train travel in Europe, including famous services such as the old Orient-Expresses, the Golden Arrow and the Train Bleu. The author details the story of each car in the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, revealing its links with politics, royalty and international intrigue., (Order No: 20239 ), $10.00

20. Burt, Henry M., BURT'S ILLUSTRATED GUIDE OF THE CONNECTICUT VALLEY, New England Publishing Co., Northampton, MA, 1868 (1867) 2nd, B&W ill., fold-out map, 284pp, ads, good, salmon colored cloth w/light edgewear, "CONTAINING DESCRIPTIONS OF MOUNT HOLYOKE, MOUNT MANSFIELD, WHITE MOUNTAINS, LAKE MEMPHREMAGOG, LAKE WILLOUGHBY, MONTREAL, QUEBEC, &c." This guide follows the railroad routes (condensed time tables for 1867 on pages 8 to 18) throught the Connecticut Valley, to "assist the seeker after pleasure to obtain a more perfect knowledge of the grandeur and beauty of Connecticut Valley scenery and that bordering on it. Offered here is the second edition of this fascinating guide. This bookseller owns a First Edition in his own collection, and the First Edition has the copyright date of 1867 on both the title page and the copyright page. The first edition has 281 pages of text, followed by the same ads that appear in the Second Edition. In the first edition, page 281 discusses Brandon, Vermont, and Howe's Scales, pages 281 through 284 in this second edition discuss Missisquoi Springs in Vermont, and a few lines on The Weldon Spring at St. Albans, Vermont. A wonderful title for gaining an appreciation for the "vacation travels" in the Connecticut Valley in the late 1860s., (Order No: 21263 ), $225.00

21. Quick, Herbert, AMERICAN INLAND WATERWAYS, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1909, 80 B&W ill., B&W map, 241pp, good++, blue cloth, teg (hardcover) nice clean and tight copy, Their Relation to Railway Transportation and to the National Welfare; Their Creation, Restoration and Maintenance. A study of our water highways, and a comparison of them with the like channels of trade and travel abroad. This book covers the question of waterways in all their aspects--their importance to the nation's welfare, their relations to the railways, their creation, restoration, and maintenance., (Order No: 21294 ), $30.00

22. Wiesenthal, M. (ichonography by G. L'Olivier), THE BELLE EPOQUE OF THE ORIENT-EXPRESS, Geocolor, Barcelona, Spain, 1979 1st ed, B&W and color illustrations, 96pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 8474240840 The Orient Express is not just another train. It was almost a myth. In spite of the vast changes in all fields which have characterized this century, it was the most famous train of all times. Authors, musicians, artists, and movie directors have all drawn inspiration from it for the creation of works which will appear in the history of art., (Order No: 21405 ), $6.00

23. Poor, Henry V., MANUAL OF THE RAILROADS OF THE UNITED STATES FOR 1868-69, published by the author, New York, reprint edition, 444pp, fine, brown "leatherette" cloth (hardcover), "SHOWING THEIR MILEAGE, STOCKS, BONDS, COST, EARNINGS, EXPENSES, AND ORGANIZATIONS; WITH A SKETCH OF THEIR RISE, PROGRESS, INFLUENCE, &c. Together with an Appendix, containing A Full Analysis of the Debts of the United States, and of the Several States. Poor's manual was first published in 1860, and then not again until this second edition done in 1868. Offered is an exact reprint of the original, in hardcover, done most likely in the 1970s., (Order No: 23823 ), $100.00

24. Theroux, Paul, THE OLD PATAGONIAN EXPRESS: BY TRAIN THROUGH THE AMERICAS, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, MA, 1979 2nd ptg, 404pp, very good w/lightly chipped dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0395277884 A captivating account of Theroux's travels by train in the Western hemisphere., (Order No: 24858 ), $7.50

25. Pollinger, Gerald, MODEL RAILWAYS AS A PASTIME, Souvenir Press Ltd., London, 1959, B&W illustrations, 136pp, very good, cream cloth (hardcover) (no dustjacket), (Order No: 25363 ), $10.00

26. Worthen, S. S., FAREWELL NUMBER 6218, Canadian Railroad Hist. Assn, Montreal, Canada, 1971, B&W illustrations, 36pp, very good, wraps (softcover), (Order No: 25496 ), $12.50

27. Thomas, David St John and Whitehouse, Patrick, THE GREAT DAYS OF THE EXPRESS TRAINS, David & Charles, London, (1990), B&W and color illustrations, 208pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover) signed by Thomas, ISBN 0715394142 A companion volume to THE GREAT DAYS OF THE COUNTRY RAILWAY. Here we recapture the days when the train journey (in Great Britain) was the most eagerly-anticipated part of a holiday, when the expresses reflected the character of the lines they served and there was great individuality in carriages, restaurant cars and their fare, station organization--and everyone took a keen interest in the performance of each day's run by select named trains., (Order No: 26647 ), $15.00

28. Baldwin Locomotive Works, PACIFIC TYPE LOCOMOTIVES - THE BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS: RECORD NO. 79 - 1914, Harry P. Albrecht, Clifton Heights, PA, 1961, B&W illustrations, 40pp, very good, wraps (softcover), Reprint Edition. Code Work - REDDITUROS, (Order No: 28289 ), $30.00

29. Bell, J. Snowden (Baldwin Locomotive Works), THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE EIGHT DRIVING WHEEL LOCOMOTIVE - THE BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS: RECORD NO. 89 - 1917, Harry P. Albrecht, Clifton Heights, PA, 1969, B&W illustrations, 32pp, very good, wraps (softcover), Reprint Edition. Code Word - REDONNANT, (Order No: 28290 ), $22.50

30. CINCINNATI, COLUMBUS, CLEVELAND & ERIE RAILROAD GUIDE - OHIO RAILROAD GUIDE: CINCINNATI TO ERIE, VIA COLUMBUS AND CLEVELAND, Landfall Press, Dayton, OH, 1986, B&W illustrations, 176pp, fine, green simulated leather cloth (hardcover), ISBN 0913428604 "In exultant prose, the unknown author extolls the wonders of the beginning of the railroad age. First published in 1854 in Columbus, at the time when cabs were first being provided for the engineers, this long-out-of-print book also reveals insights and attitudes toward the recently conquered Indians, about the status of women and about other wonders of the Industrial Revolution." Limited to 1,000 copies., (Order No: 28676 ), $60.00

31. Poor, Henry V., MANUAL OF THE RAILROADS OF THE UNITED STATES FOR 1882 - 15TH - FIFTEENTH ANNUAL NUMBER, H.V. & H.W. Poor, New York, 1882, B&W illustrations, 1001pp, good, green cloth (hardcover) lt edgewear & old repair to hinges, 40 pages of ads preceed text, and 151 pages of ads follow. "Showing their mileage, stocks, bonds, cost, traffic, earnings, expenses and organizations with a sketch of their rsie, progress, influence, etc.", (Order No: 29432 ), $375.00

32. Cohen, Stan, RAILS ACROSS THE TUNDRA: A HISTORICAL ALBUM OF THE ALASKA RAILROAD, Pictorial Histories Pub. Co., Missoula, MT, (1984) 1st ptg, B&W maps, B&W ill., 144pp, very good+, wraps (softcover) owner's inscription, ISBN 0933126434, (Order No: 33163 ), $10.00

33. McComas, Tom and Tuohy, James, LIONEL: A COLLECTOR'S GUIDE AND HISTORY - VOLUME VI: ADVERTISING & ART, Chilton Book Company, Radnor, PA, (1993), B&W and color illustrations, 162pp, very good+, wraps (softcover), ISBN 0801985129 Features of this volume include: Advertising literature from 1900 to 1950 which includes never-before-seen promotional retail flyers and brochures; Lionell electric toy ranges, model boats, and children's wooden toys; other Lionel products such as electric fence contollers and equipment made for the Navy and Army Signal Corps., (Order No: 34119 ), $10.00

34. Circuit Court of the United States, THOMAS C. PLATT VS. THE PHILADELPHIA & READING RAILROAD COMPANY ET AL. - 1893, Eastern District of Penn., good, bound in maroon buckram cloth (hardcover), 53 bound pamphlets (with index) in the "Receivership of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company and The Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company." Index cover 1893 - 1902 of the bankruptcy proceedings, but bound in this volume are pamplets for 1893., (Order No: 35633 ), $150.00

35. Bazan, John M., RAILS ACROSS THE BERKSHIRE HILLS: RAILROAD PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOHN M. BAZAN 1980-1984, published by the author, n.p., 1984, B&W illustrations, unpaginated, good, wraps (softcover), Four years of documenting by photographs the railroads in the Berkshires in Massachusetts., (Order No: 37288 ), $60.00

36. Farrington, S. Kip, RAILROADS OF TODAY, Coward-McCann, Inc., New York, (1949) 1st ed, B&W illustrations, 306pp, very good, blue/green cloth (hardcover) no dustjacket, (Order No: 37953 ), $7.50

37. Douglas, George H., RAIL CITY CHICAGO USA, Howell-North Books, San Diego, CA, (1981) 1st ed, B&W illustrations, 338pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0831071508 A useful reference source and captivating story of the history of Chicago's railroads - the foremost rail center in the nation., (Order No: 38613 ), $55.00

38. Russell, Don (edited by), TRAILS OF THE IRON HORSE: AN INFORMAL HISTORY BY THE WESTERN WRITERS OF AMERICA, Doubleday & Company, Inc., New York, 1975 1st ed, B&W illustrations, 241pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0385021232 "This is the lusty and gutsy saga of the era that saw the building of America's railroads in the West.", (Order No: 40771 ), $10.00

39. Hanft, Robert M., PINE ACROSS THE MOUNTAIN: CALIFORNIA'S MCCLOUD RIVER RAILROAD, Golden West Books, San Marino, CA, (1972) 2nd ptg, over 295 B&W illustrations, 224pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 087095038X Beginning in 1897, the story of the McCloud River Railroad is to a great extent the history of the lumbering industry in Siskiyou County., (Order No: 40773 ), $30.00

40. Blanton, Burt C., 400,000 MILES BY RAIL: THE REMINISCENCES OF A "PROFESSIONAL PASSENGER: ON ALL TYPES OF TRAINS, Howell-North Books, Berkeley, CA, (1972), B&W illustrations, 183pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0831070870 This is the story of a "professional passenger" who in over sixty years of traveling has ridden on every important passenger train in the country, running up a staggering total of 400,000 Miles by Rail., (Order No: 40808 ), $25.00

41. Corbin, Bernard G.; Hardy, Joseph C. (associate editor), THE BURLINGTON IN TRANSITION, Corbin Publications, Red Oak, IA, (1967) 1st ptg, B&W and color illustrations, 208pp, fine w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), "A Pictorial Anthology of the Graphic Trend from Steam to Motor Cars to Diesel, Including Other Related Items of Interest.", (Order No: 40864 ), $185.00

42. McAfee, Ward, CALIFORNIA'S RAILROAD ERA 1850-1911, Golden West Books, San Marino, CA, (1973), B&W illustrations, 256pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0870950487 The dramatic and fascinating story of California's railroads during their golden era., (Order No: 40909 ), $14.50

43. DeNevi, Don, THE WESTERN PACIFIC: RAILROADING YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW, Superior Publishing Company, Seatte, WA, (1978) 1st ed, B&W illustrations, 160pp, fine w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), The Western Pacific travelled through the Feather River Canyon in Northern California., (Order No: 40920 ), $40.00

44. Reed, Robert C., THE STREAMLINE ERA, Golden West Books, San Marino, CA, (1975), B&W illustrations, 298pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0870950533 The streamlined style, which began by rounding corners of immobile objects to usher in the moderne, swept across America in the 1930s. The word streamlined was first used to describe the glamourous new trains that appeared in the mid-1930s. In time the term broadened into connotations both technical and aesthetic., (Order No: 40948 ), $75.00

45. Turner, George, NARROW GAUGE NOSTALGIA - LIMITED EDITION, J-H Publications, Harbor City, CA, (1965) 1st ptg, B&W illustrations, 160pp, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), Accounting for over 16,000 miles of trackage at the start of the 20th century, the narrow gauge today has all but vanished. Signed limitation page tipped in., (Order No: 40995 ), $80.00

46. Dodge, Richard V., RAILS OF THE SILVER GATE - THE SPRECKELS SAN DIEGO EMPIRE, Pacific Railway Journal, San Marino, CA, (1975) 5th ptg, B&W illustrations, 143pp, very good w/good dustjacket (hardcover) owner's name, ISBN 0870950193 First published in 1960. This book recounts the role played by public transportation in the growth of San Diego. A major railroad, trolley lines and even cable cars speeded the growth of the city. The Spreckels used their wealth to build great hotels, expand transportation and develop cultural features., (Order No: 41006 ), $20.00

47. Spencer, James, RAYONIER - NORTHWEST LOGGERS VOLUME 1 (ITT RAYONIER, INC.), Darwin Publications, Burbank, CA, (1982), B&W illustrations, 152pp, fine w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover) small closed tear on dj, History of this logging company with historical treasures, anecdotes, and interviews with those who made America's Pacific Northwest logging operations a unique slice of railroadiana. RAYONIER follows the saga of a young man in search of gold, who built a logging empire eventually to become part of the ITT conglomerate., (Order No: 41024 ), $60.00

48. Fox, Wesley, GOLDEN STATE RAILS - A CALIFORNIA RAILROADING PICTORIAL, published by the author, Brisbane, CA, (1980) 1st ptg, B&W illustrations, 72pp, very good+, wraps (softcover) signed by the author, ISBN 0960412204, (Order No: 41052 ), $15.00

49. Olmsted, Robert P., CHICAGO'S PASSENGER TRAINS: A GALLERY OF PORTRAITS, 1956-1981, McMillan Publications, Inc., Woodridge, IL, (1983) 1st ptg, B&W illustrations, 136pp, fine w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0934228108 This volume is concerned with portraits of the railroad-owned and operated passenger train in its final fifteen years, plus Amtrak's first decade., (Order No: 41067 ), $75.00

50. Parker, Douglas V., NO HORSECARS IN PARADISE: A HISTORY OF THE STREET RAILWAYS AND PUBLIC UTILITIES IN VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA BEFORE 1897, A Railfare/Whitecap Book, Toronto/Vancouver, (1981), B&W illustrations, 144pp, very good+ w/good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0919130364 This volume takes a look at the problems faced by the pioneers in the field of gas, electric lighting, and urban transportation in Victoria, British Columbia in the years before the turn of the century., (Order No: 41074 ), $12.50

51. Feagans, Raymond J., THE RAILROAD THAT RAN BY THE TIDE - ILWACO RAILROAD & NAVIGATION CO. OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, Howell-North Books, Berkeley, CA, (1972), B&W ill., color frontis, 146pp, very good+ w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0831070943 For more than forty years the Ilwaco Railroad & Navigation Co. served the communities of the North Beach peninsula, at the mouth of the Columbia River in Washington State., (Order No: 41155 ), $65.00

52. Corbin, Bernard and Kerka, William, STEAM LOCOMOTIVES OF THE BURLINGTON ROUTE, published by the authors, n.p., 1960 2nd ptg, B&W ill., color frontis, 320pp, very good+ w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), Of particular interest to scale-model locomotive builders are the locomotive plans in this book that are representative of Burlington motive power., (Order No: 41167 ), $45.00

53. Lynch, Terry and Caileff, W. D., KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN - ROUTE OF THE SOUTHERN BELLE, Pruett Publishing Company, Boulder, CO, (1987) 1st ed, B&W illustrations, 223pp, fine w/fine dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 0871087359 One of the nation's unique railroads, the independently owned Kansas City Southern is an anomaly by today's standards, surrounded by corporate giants. This is the story of one of the most innovative and progressive American railroads., (Order No: 41180 ), $175.00

54. Boner, Harold A., THE GIANT'S LADDER: DAVID H. MOFFAT AND HIS RAILROAD, A Kalmbach Publication, Milwaukee, WI, (1962), B&W illustrations, 224pp, map, very good w/very good dustjacket (hardcover) FAINT MUST SMELL, IMPORTANT NOTE -- FAINT MUST SMELL, not bad, but there and faint. -- This absorbing biography of Moffat tells of this extraordinary builder and why he undertook the hellish job of laying track up and over the Divide., (Order No: 41219 ), $20.00

55. Dorin, Patrick C., THE LAKE SUPERIOR IRON ORE RAILROADS - THE WORLD'S HEAVIEST TRAINS, Bonanza Books, New York, (1977), B&W illustrations, 144pp, very good+ w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover), The purpose of this book is to describe the Iron Ore hauling railroads of the Lake Superior region. First published in 1969., (Order No: 41295 ), $10.00

56. Hidy, Ralph W.; Hidy, Muriel E.; and Scott, Roy V., THE GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY - A HISTORY, Harvard Business School Pr., Boston, MA, (1988) 1st ptg, B&W illustrations, 360pp, fine w/very good+ dustjacket (hardcover) small closed tear on dj, ISBN 0875841856 Details the history of this major entrepreneurial enterprise from 1856, when its earliest predecessor received charter authority, to 1970, when the 8,000 mile Great Northern became an integral part of the massive Burlington Northern., (Order No: 41354 ), $175.00

57. Turner, Susan, THE PADARN AND PENRHYN RAILWAYS AND THEIR ASSOCIATED SYSTEMS, David & Charles, Newton Abbot, UK, (1975), B&W illustrations, 192pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover) light staining bottom edge, ISBN 0715365479 Against the background of the rise and fall of the North Wales slate industry, this book traces the history of two narrow gauge railways running from neighbouring Caernarvonshire quarries down to the Menai Straits, the Padarn and Penrhyn railways., (Order No: 41507 ), $30.00

58. Le Fleming, H. M. and Price, J. H., RUSSIAN STEAM LOCOMOTIVES, John Marshbank Limited, London, (1960), B&W illustrations, 112pp, ill., good+ w/good dustjacket (hardcover), The book sets out to deal with two aspects: the types and classes of steam locomotive in use, and the quantity existing of each class., (Order No: 41535 ), $30.00

59. Krause, John and Grenard, Ross, THE OVERLAND ROUTE - UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD, Carstens Publications, Inc., Newton, NJ, [1980], B&W illustrations, 82pp, very good, wraps (softcover) a few rear pages unopened, ISBN 0911868364, (Order No: 41600 ), $15.00

60. Anderson, Janice and Swinglehurst, Edmund (with an introduction by Maurice Rickards), TRAIN AND TRANSPORT: A COLLECTOR'S GUIDE, Bracken Books, London, (1989), B&W and Color illustrations, 96pp, good w/good dustjacket (hardcover), ISBN 1851702520 The full story of travel and transport is preserved in histories on library bookshelves. It is also conveyed, less formally but often more graphically, in the transient paper oddments which it has generated. Here, in tickets, notices, leaflets, labels, folders, billheads and other throwaways, is an epitome of Mankind's love affair with the way from A to B., (Order No: 41634 ), $17.50

61. Ahlstrom, Harold J. (introduction by), JAMESTOWN AND CHAUTAUQUA LAKE TROLLEYS, Fenton Historical Society, Jamestown, NY, (1974), B&W illustrations, 39pp, fine, wraps (softcover), A recording of the story of the trolley cars in the Jamestown and Chautauque Lake area, concentrating on the "Broadhead" lines of the Jamestown Street Railway Co., the Chautauque Traction Co., and the Jamestown Westfield and Northwestern Railroad Co. Some mention is made of the Warren & Jamestown Street Railway, which entered Jamestown, and the Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Co. which connected with the interurban lines at Westfield., (Order No: 41683 ), $80.00

62. Fausser, William W., THE BROOKLYN AND ROCKAWAY BEACH RAILROAD - THE CANARSIE RAILROAD, published by the author, Mineola, NY, (1976), B&W illustrations, 64pp, very good+, wraps (softcover), (Order No: 41684 ), $50.00

63. Brouws, Jeffrey T., and Hill, Ronald C., RAILROADING WEST - A CONTEMPORARY GLIMPSE, Rail Graphics, Denver, CO, (1975), B&W illustrations, 80pp, very good, wraps (softcover), "A picture book pure and simple.", (Order No: 41841 ), $14.50

64. Wayner, Robert J. (edited by), HISTORIC SOUTHERN PACIFIC CARS, Wayner Publications, New York, n.d., B&W illustrations, 47pp, very good+, wraps (softcover), A nice assemblage of photographs of a wide variety of early cars., (Order No: 41842 ), $40.00

65. LePak, Gregory, VANISHING VARNISH, Alpine Publishing Ltd., Littleton, CO, (1978) 1st ed, B&W illustrations, 256pp, very good+ w/very good dustjacket (hardcover), A Rio Grande passenger presentation covering 100 years of railroading in the Rockies. 400 rare and previously unpublished photographs, many passenger car drawings for the modeler, four finely detailed full page station maps, five full color photos, endpaper illustrations from an original 1887 D&RG Timetable., (Order No: 41864 ), $125.00

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Ray Boas, Bookseller