I have enjoyed both my Kelsey and Chandler & Price letterpress printing presses since the late 1950s. Since that early age, my enjoyment with my presses has continued. I just enjoy surrounding myself with presses, and buy old home letter press shops whenever I can. As a youngster, I also worked in my darkroom with black and white photography, and collected  US Commemorative Stamps, which lead to my pleasure with history. All these interests have continued, and rolled into the career decision of becoming a full time out-of-print bookseller, and newspaper publisher. I shared my printing background in an email to a press restorer in 2018, and just discovered (to my delight 9 July 2021) that he shared that email on his website EXCELSIOR PRESS — please click here and enjoy – Odd way to get a printing press.. ­ win it on a TV quiz show in 1957!

Buying presses and equipment whenever possible, I currently have (November 2020) the following items I do not need, and would like to place in a new home for someone else’s enjoyment. So, scroll through the listings of presses and equipment below. If you are new to letterpress, and would like to get a wonderful introduction, I have made a PDF of THE PRINTER’S GUIDE BOOK, Published by The Kelsey Company, Meriden, Conn. 8th Edition. This PDF is from my own copy that I obtained in 1957. Forty pages (32 plus 8 supplemental), and everything you need to know to operate your letterpress shop. Happy to send you the PDF for $4.95. Email me, and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

In addition to the Kelsey 3×5 Press and Supplies For Sale below, I have decided I cannot keep everything, and am offering this great Kelsey 6×10 side lever letterpress

This is a lovely smooth operating press, with supplies and accessories. You will need rollers, or have the old ones recored. Then lock up your type, ink it up (you will need ink) and pull the side lever and make your impressions. You can handle many nice jobs and projects with this size press. I like this better than the Chandler and Price 6×10 presses I have had because it is much lighter, and one person can lift it.




besides what you see in the images above and below, not shown in these images, I will include furniture so you can lock up your forms in the chases. ABOVE is the front table for the press, a composing stick, roller wheels, quoins and a key. BELOW included an extra chase, tympan paper and backing paper, and smaller spacers, and gauge pins.






Price for press and supplies – $1650



I purchased this press a few years back even though it is missing its ink table. It had been used for die cutting, and as is often the problem, the ink table is removed and misplaced. I had found someone who said he could have one cast and milled for me, but after a couple years he stopped answering my emails. There must be an ink disk / table out there somewhere, or else someone still could make one. Happy to buy one if you have one, but otherwise, if you would like this press as is for die-cutting, or eventually bringing back to ink up — $350 as is.

Sigwalt 6x9 Press-a

Click images below to expand to larger image gallery and scroll.


1 — KELSEY 3×5 LETTERPRESS with Supplies – this one is sold, but another outfit is below

Scroll all the way down for the Kelsey 5×8 Press outfit that was sold

This is the smoothest moving 3×5 that I have owned. It is mounted on an old wooden base to stay secure while printing and making impressions. The paint is original, not offensive, and really does not need repainting. Following are some more images, and then the supplies I have to go with this printing outfit. I have the four images below in a gallery view which you can “click” on to see larger size images.

here is the press with the supplies that go with it – followed by close ups:

Included are: furniture for the chase, chase bars, lead spacing, roller wheels, composing stick, gauge pins, a pack of new tympan paper for the press, and a rough copy of the Kelsey Guide to Printing.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED – new rollers (very easy to buy new, and something that always has to be bought new when getting a press). Ink, and then any type you may want unless you will be using the press for die cutting or your art projects.

I have a set of used 3×5 rollers which I will sell for $75 if a purchaser of one of my presses would like them. In addition I have some type in cases I may part with to a press buyer.

Price for all items pictured above in the 3×5 outfit – $385 SOLD


2 — KELSEY 3×5 LETTERPRESS with Supplies

Here is my remaining available Kelsey Excelsior press with some additional supplies. Not as smooth gliding as I would like, but a nice serviceable press for your small projects – art projects, or die cutting.

and, the supplies included with this outfit – furniture for the chase, lead spacing, roller wheels, composing stick, gauge pins, some new tympan paper for the press, I will provide the buyer with a PDF copy of the Kelsey Guide to Printing, made from my personal original.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED – chase bars (I can provide dimensions so you can make them, or there is an Ebay seller with them) new rollers (very easy to buy new, and something that always has to be bought new when getting a press). Ink, and then any type you may want unless you will be using the press for die cutting or your art projects.


Price for all items pictured above in the 3×5 outfit – $345 — Reduced for a new home – $315




The Kelsey Company’s house organ THE PRINTER’S HELPER. This four page publication contained tips, lessons, business hints, and of course some ads.



INCLUDED ARE – Years and Numbers

1964 — 372, 373, 374, 375, 376, 377, 378, 379, 380
1965 — 381, 382, 383, 384, 385, 386, 388, 389
1966 — 390, 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, 396, 397, 398
1967 — 399, 400, 403
1968 — 404, 405, 406, 407, 408, 409, 410
1969 — 411, 412, 413, 416
1970 — 417, 418, 419, 420
1971 — 422
1973 — 431, 432

Some issues have binder three-ring binder holes. Click on this link for larger images of some of the front covers.

Price for the entire lot – $65 – Shipping $6



If you do not have a chase for your press, you cannot use your press. If you do have one, you can alway use extra chases in your print shop to keep a job locked up while you run another. This 3×5 inch chase is from an Kelsey Excelsior, but should fit any Kelsey 3×5 press made in Meriden, Connecticut. The chase has the set screws to hold the “chase bars” up against the furniture, BUT, NOT INCLUDED are the “chase bars.” They are easily made, and I would be happy to provide the dimensions from a set I have with a press if you would like to have your own made.

side view showing the screws and holes

and, here is the chase laying in the chase bed (not included) from the 3×5 Kelsey Press.

Price: SOLD


KELSEY 5×8 LETTERPRESS with Supplies and Type

This is the fourth 5×8 that I have owned. I am keeping the one I bought maybe ten years ago because it serves so many uses. This is a versatile size press, and just perfect for home or small business use. The only better size press to have (in my opinion) is a 6×10 bed. I have regretted selling the four 6×10 Chandler & Price presses I have owned over the years, but in December 2019 I purchased a Kelsey 6×10. It is lighter in weight than the C&P the way it is designed. I could even lift it myself. Probably a “keeper.”

This press operates fine, but for some reason over the years was covered with lots of different paints. I have redone the chase with the appropriate “machine gray” paint. If I do not complete the painting prior to someone’s purchase, they get the paint also.

here is a gallery of additional views of the press – click on any of them to open to larger images:

and, here are the supplies and accessories included with this outfit:

Included are: furniture, quoins and quoin key to lock up your forms, Printer’s Guide, an old Kelsey Supply Book, Tympan paper, composing stick, galley tray, roller guides, roller wheels you will see in one of the type cases.

ALSO INCLUDED are these four large type cases with type – again click on any image to open a gallery for larger views:

and, stacked up

WHAT YOU WILL NEED – new rollers (very easy to buy new, and something that always has to be bought new when getting a press). And, Ink.

Price for all items pictured above in the 5×8 outfit – $775SOLD

Interested? Press outfits will need to be picked up, or maybe following payment I can meet you within 100 miles. Other items can be shipped. Contact me, click on this link for contact information. Thank you, yours, RAY