This page is over sixty years in the making. In the 1950s I would head down the stairs to my childhood basement and work with my science kits and projects, make models, work in my photo darkroom, and run my printing presses. Yes, I have always had interests and collections with the same threads running through my life. And, I have always wanted to share those interests and collections. I had it all figured out how in one corner I could set up displays, and charge 5 cents for kids to see my “museum.” Only problem was only about three kids lived within three or four miles of my country home. My mother also may have objected. But now, now the time has come.

I still have all my Dinky Toys from the 1950s – of course. I began collecting Matchbox Models of Yesteryear at the time, and acquired many more in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Hubley Model A Fords? Of course, and I have one (soon to be illustrated) that I got right after I bought my 1929 Model A Ford Roadster in 1962, and it is painted in the same Washington Blue paint that my Dad sprayed my car for me. I have a number of car kits I bought and packed into BLUE BELLE I have maybe 100 cars to share with you here, and some are for sale. sell. Also I will be adding duplicate vintage diner models and “canned ham” camping trailers that I would like to place in a new home. I have illustrated my collection on a separate page — “VINTAGE CAMPER TOYS” — “CANNED HAMS”

In May 2015, I bought a number of car kits and packed them into BLUE BELLE. You may click on the above link for that story, but it is also time to find them new homes.

These kits are identical to the earlier Hubley models and I had to find out why. Hubley was purchased by toy maker Gabriel about 1969 who continued to make these kits through the 1970s, and up until about 1980.  Gradually, the Hubley name was downplayed in favor of Gabriel. I have a few of the Gabriel kits, and only the name on the box is different.

Around 1980, Hubley was acquired by CBS Toys which later sold many dies to Ertl and Scale Models, both of Dyersville, Iowa. Ertl has now stopped production of all of the original toy dies and molds purchased from Hubley. As a result, all remaining Hubley/Ertl metal kits are getting harder to find unmade and in the box. The kits that came home in BLUE BELLE above, and are for sale below are from the Hubley dies, but made by and boxed by Scale Models of Dyersville, Iowa.

Besides the Packard, Chevrolet, and Dusenberg kits by Scale Models illustrated below, I have the following for sale soon to be illustrated here:
Model A Ford (5) – 1929 Station Wagon; 1931 Town Sedan; 1930 Victoria; 1929 Roadster; Coupe; and, Roadster
Model T Ford (3) – 1912 Depot Hack; 1909 Touring Car; and 1912 Delivery Truck
and ORIGINAL HUBLEY KITS – I have a number of duplicates to sell both with and without the original boxes, and a “junk yard” collection of parts to help in your restorations.

And, finally on this page, also soon to come, will be my duplicate Roadside Diners; and my extra vintage “canned ham” camping trailer toys.


Three Body Styles: Phaeton, Roadster, and Victoria
$25 Each plus shipping

You may click on an image in these galleries to scroll through larger views:




1932 CHEVROLET “COUPE” – $25




Ever since the mid-1950s I had wanted to own a roadside diner, and in addition have always been fascinated by unique roadside vernacular architecture. Never did open a diner, but in the early 1990s as mid-century collectibles were becoming popular various items were made looking like diners. And, true to form, when I found this DINER RADIO made by Sensations in 1988, I bought three. Time to let someone else enjoy one.

Complete with original packing in the box, and NEVER USED. No guarantee that it will pick up your favorite stations, but you are wanting this for display most likely as I have done – from the box: FM stereo, Chrome-finish, and serves as a night-light for those late-night diner owls. Your “new” diner measures about 12 by 4 inches and is about 4 1/4 inches high at the DINER sign.

DINER RADIO — $60 plus $14 post in US


New and in the box – 1/43 scale vintage dine Cold-Cast in Porcelain and includes 5″ by 7″ color print of the Bruce Kaiser original painting. Also 1/43 scale die-cast metal 1957 Ford T-Bird and 1965 Shelby Cobra. Base of the diner measure about 8 by 3 inches – the overhang roof measures about 9 by 4 1/2 inches, and height at tallest point about 7 inches. I notice one small rubbed spot on the overhand that you can see in images below.

DOLLY’S DRIVE-IN — $50 plus $14 Post


True to form, when I found JOES’S DINER PHONE made by TeleMania, I bought two. Time to let someone else enjoy one.

Complete with original packing and instructions in the box, and NEVER USED. No guarantee that it works, but no reason why it should not – but you want this for display most likely anyway. I measured Joe’s Diner Phone in my collection, and it measures about 9 3/4 inches by about 5 /14 inches and is about 4 18 inches tall at the sign.

JOE’S DINER PHONE — $65 plus $12.95 post


When eBay began in the late 1990s I could buy and collect diners of all shapes and size and uses, and no longer needed to have a real one. Well, I have over 30 on display on the top shelves in my library, but along the way I ended up with some duplicates.

This duplicate has the original box and styrofoam packing base, but that is it for the original packing. The base of they roadside western diner measures about four inches in diameter, and the height is about four inches. PLEASE NOTE that the polls at the top have some slight bends from previous shipping. That is not the case with the tepee in my collection, they go straight out at an angle as seen in the small image on the box. When I ship there will be no movement. Have fun.

ROADSIDE DELIGHTS “THE TEPEE” – $25 plus $11 post

Before I even had my driver’s license I wanted a Triumph TR3 just like my neighbors in Wilton, Connecticut, had. About a year before I finally found and restored BLACK BEAUTY (my 1959 TR3A) I found in an antique toy shop in St. Augustine, Florida, this uncommon KYOSHO TR3A. I cannot keep everything, so may you would like to add this to your collection before acquiring a full size one.

Click on THIS LINK for details on this uncommon model, and how it can be yours.