This page is over sixty years in the making. In the 1950s I would head down the stairs to my childhood basement and work with my science kits and projects, make models, work in my photo darkroom, and run my printing presses. Yes, I have always had interests and collections with the same threads running through my life. And, I have always wanted to share those interests and collections. I had it all figured out how in one corner I could set up displays, and charge 5 cents for kids to see my “museum.” Only problem was only about three kids lived within three or four miles of my country home. My mother also may have objected. But now, now the time has come.

I still have all my Dinky Toys from the 1950s – of course. I began collecting Matchbox Models of Yesteryear at the time, and acquired many more in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Hubley Model A Fords? Of course, and I have one (soon to be illustrated) that I got right after I bought my 1929 Model A Ford Roadster in 1962, and it is painted in the same Washington Blue paint that my Dad sprayed my car for me. I have a number of car kits I bought and packed into BLUE BELLE

I have maybe 100 cars to share with you here, and some I will sell. I have purchased some new photo equipment to provide great images for you to enjoy, so check back often. But first, here is a TR3A for you.

Click on THIS LINK for details on this uncommon model, and how it can be yours.

And, I have a number of car kits I bought and packed into BLUE BELLE in May 2015. You may click on the above link for that story, but it is also time to find them new homes.