Twenty plus years ago while doing a show in Pennsylvania, my late-wife wanted HOW MOLLY MADE GOOD, the 1915 poster that a paper dealer had, and he wanted a set of books I had. They traded. It has been hanging in my bookshop since, but it is time to move many items to the next homes for custodianship.

As we obtained the poster (measures about 42 inches by 80 inches) it had been laid on cardboard and covered with a protective wrap – thus the glare in these images. I do not believe it was attached to the cardboard, but I have never popped the covering.

From Wikipedia – How Molly Made Good (aka: How Molly Malone Made Good) is a 1915 silent drama film which is one of the first films to feature cameo appearances by major celebrities. It survives in the Library of Congress and is available on DVD. The writer of the film, Burns Mantle, may have been influenced by the globe-trotting adventure of Nellie Bly in 1889, when the reporter circumnavigated the globe in a specified amount of time using several means of conveyance and visiting as many famous cities as possible.

Recently I saw a HERITAGE AUCTIONS ad seeking consignments for an upcoming Vintage Poster Auction. I sent an email to Grey Smith, Director Poster Auctions, and immediately received his courteous reply copied below.

This is a nice poster. I suggest a value of 1000-2000. We ask for a minimum aggregate value of $5000 for a consignment to our vintage poster auction. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the nice collectable item you have would meet that, in my opinion. If there were additional posters we could help you with, we could consider this.

Sincerely, Grey Smith – Director of Vintage Poster Auctions – Heritage Auctions

This is my only movie poster, so am offering it here. Please note below, no shipping due to size, but I am happy to have you pick it up following payment, or meet you within a 100 mile radius. Here are more images, remember there is glare from the lights in my bookshop. And, as mounted on the stair landing, it is hard to get good straight-0n shots. If you wish to inspect it before bidding, that could be arranged.

Order Number – eb925

PICKUP – ONLY – But following payment happy to meet buyer within a 100 mile radius – Covers range to Hartford, Connecticut; Maine; Stockbridge, Massachusetts; almost to Boston – let’s talk

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