EXHIBIT A: THE RABBIT REPORT by Edward H. Hutchins – Number 11 of 20 Made

EXHIBIT A: THE RABBIT REPORT by Edward H. Hutchins – Number 11 of 20 Made

 A silk-screened parchment scroll that unwinds and retracts from the torso of a painted papier-mâché rabbit, which tells the tale of a city invaded by rabbits. Approximately 6 inches high, 5 inches wide. published by Editions, Chatham, NY in 1989. Comes in its own original custom made box. Hutchins experimented with alternative ways to tell a tale. UNCOMMON.

FROM – Minnesota Center for the Book Arts catalog, 2003 — Only 20 copies. “These papier-mâché rabbits, each containing a screen-printed scroll, eschewed conventions of fine binding and printmaking at a time when editioned artists’ books were largely produced within the province of craft and industrial processes (evolving from private press tradition or commercial offset printing technologies). Hutchins exploration of alternative methods of reproduction . . . including rubberstamping, photocopying, simple relief printing and silkscreen . . . have continued to combine with the playful sensibility and structural variability that define his work” — Swann Auction May 5, 2009 – Sale 2179 Lot 99 – Realized $510 – only sale record found.

included are two postcards (albeit bent from storage in the rabbit’s box). One card illustrates all 20 “Rabbit Reports”, and the other “Do Sit Down, which Hutchins did in 1992.

and here is the box the rabbit lives in.


$450 – Order Number 63220
Shipping – $10 Priority Mail – Signature Required and with tracking

click on this link to order
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