Search done 20 November 2020 — slight shift, but I now own an original 1965 17’ Caravel Airstream Land Yacht Twin built in Santa Fe , California. Click on this link, if you wish, for the story and images – thank you, RAY

I am on a quest, and you have found this page because you also are on a quest, or you have an offer for me. I am a serious cash buyer looking forward to plan some adventures in 2021. My ideal acquisition will be original, or renovated to its original appearance, and safe mechanically. Preferably I would like to find something in the New England States, but open to consider moving my “new friend – yet to be named” to New Hampshire from elsewhere.

Also happy to consider a comparable 13 foot (10 foot body) such as a Garway, Scotty, etc. Tell me what you have.

Email me for a start:  — I do not text. I am old fashion, why else would I want a “Canned Ham” to go with my 1958 TR3A (BLACK BEAUTY) and 1960 MGA (BLUE BELLE)? But, my landline is – 603 756-4545 – if you prefer, send me a note “Leaving a Reply” below.

So, here is what I want. The below Glamper is currently in Massachusetts, and part of a museum. This is what I want, note the original interior.

this similar beauty I found on-line for sale, but the owner has not answered any of my emails. Did I say I am an email person?

You may enjoy seeing this “Canned Ham” adventure I had in 2018. CLICK ON THIS LINK and you will join me.

Hope to hear from you soon — I promise to take care of your “love” and serve as its next “conservator.” Thank you, RAY

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