And, ready to go. In reading about this car you will learn about me, and why I have this car, and why it is time for someone else to enjoy — I have too many “toys” in a two car garage, and it makes it hard to use them all. So, here is Lady RAB II, taken in May 2020.


I bought my first Model A – an original 1929 Roadster – in 1962, and “shunpiked” through high school all around New England. Moved her around while I was in the Navy, but sadly sold her in the mid-1980s. I have had a number of wonderful Model As since then. As third owner I moved a 1930 Roadster with me to NH, sold her when I got my TR3A, but missing a Model A bought a 1931 Tudor. Did not make sense, and hard to get into with my height, I sold the Tudor. I had enjoyed all my “As”, but woke up one morning in March 2019 saying to myself, “I need another ’29 Roadster.” Would you believe I found one within days not 80 miles away, and home she came with me. I drove it home on back roads, used it a tad, but does not make sense to keep since she is blocking in my TR3A and making it hard to get out my 1890s Peanut Roaster and 1902 Cretors popcorn wagon.

The images below are when I found this “A” in Charlton, Massachusetts, just east of Old Sturbridge Village. You can click on the images in the gallery for larger views.


I put a number of miles on her in 2019. My “car Doctor Dewey” who attends to my 1960 MGA and 1958 TR3A reworked the 12 volt wiring system and the carburetor for me. The massive driving lights you see in the picture below were inappropriate, I did not like, and have been removed and sold. Basically an originally restored and solid “A” this car sports a beautiful pair of 16 inch V-8 wheels instead of the correct 21 inch wheels. But they add a certain “degree of class.”

With COVID I did not drive my “toys” in 2019 very much. My ’29 roadster sat in the garage after the May 2020 run, but I started her up on October 2020. Fired right up, stalled, and then the battery died. I have to recharge the battery, but my body does not move as it should, thus hard to get to the battery – but “on my list.” Below are some recent images in the garage showing you the engine compartment and the top boot I purchased. The top on a convertible should only stay down.


Reason for selling – I cannot use all my toys. In a two car garage with shop space I have three cars, a popcorn wagon, sidewalk peanut machine, and John Deere tractor. I can easily get out my 1960 MGA, but have not gotten my 1958 TR3A out in almost two years (you can see BLACK BEAUTY above boxed in by the “A”). My 1902 Cretors Popcorn Wagon is hard to get to. If you buy my 1929 Model A Ford Roadster, my space problems will be solved. You will not be disappointed.

SOLD — in 12 days to the first couple coming to look
perfect sale and perfect vibes between seller and buyer,
and perfect new home – have fun Gabby and Jon – thank you

Bye LadyRAB – 26 June 2021

I was disappointed that my image of Gabby on the running board of her “new toy” was blurred – guess I rushed taking it. But, we emailed, and she sent me this picture below taken 27 June at LadyRAB’s new home. Gabby is behind the wheel and her friend Lisa getting a ride.

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