Softcover publication from Haskins Laboratories, New York and New Haven. Condition: good, wraps (softcover). The Haskins Laboratories Status Report on Speech Research was published from 1965 through 1995 by Haskins Laboratories. The publication reported on the status and progress of studies on the nature of speech, instrumentation for its investigation, and practical applications. Haskins Laboratories has long-standing, formal affiliations with the University of Connecticut and Yale University

Thirteen issues as a lot, as detailed below.

SR-1 (1965) February, 1965, 106 pages
SR-2 (1965), May, 1965, 65 pages
SR-5/6 (1966), November 1965-June, 1966, 153 pages
SR-7/8 (1966), July-December, 1966, 88 pages
SR-9 (1967), January-March, 1967, 141 pages
SR-10 (1967), April-June, 1967, 118 pages
SR-11 (1967), July-September 1967, 69 pages
SR-12 (1967), October-December, 1967, 155pages
SR-13/14 (1968), January-June, 1968, 200 pages
SR-15/16, (1968), July-December, 1968, 181 pages
SR-17/18 (1969) January-June, 1969, 192 pages (some coffee spotting on foredge)
SR-19/20 (1969), July-December, 1969, 225 pages
and, SR-24 (1970), October-December 1970, 69 pages

covers of the first and last issues listed above

and, showing some soiling on the book blocks, and paper loose on a couple covers

PRICE – $285 – (Order Number 70675)
Shipping – $14.50 (heavy) packed in cardboard and with tracking

I also have these Individual issues available ($25 to $30 each): February 1965; October-December, 1967; January-June, 1968; July-December, 1968; and, July-December 1969.

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