Among the things my late-bride collected, I just discovered over thirty baskets that were put away, essentially never used – if used, at most once, but does not show. They need new homes to use on picnics, as gift baskets, or simply for decoration. As I began typing this I remembered, turned around, and there on display above my kitchen cabinets are nine more. Here is a start on what I have photographed and described – check back as I have about 16 more to go.


This basket she had purchased to give as gift, but that never happened. As you may have heard, sadly the company can no longer get the wood splits it has used, and will close sometime the Fall of 2022 when they run out of material. I have already sold two Peterboro Baskets, now off to new home.

In the original box with all paperwork and Certificate of Authenticity is the Fruit & Nut Basket – diameter about 10 3/4 inches and about 4 inches high. Note leather handles and plastic liner – $35 – SORRY, NOW SOLD


Below are seven Longaberger products separately ranging in price from $7 to $45

The Longaberger Company manufactured handcrafted maple and wood baskets and other home and lifestyle products. The company opened in 1973, was acquired in 2013 by CVSL, Inc., and closed in 2018. The following year, Xcel Brands acquired the intellectual property and relaunched the brand. Founded by Dave Longaberger , the family-owned and -operated company used multi-level marketing to sell its products. Started in Dresden, Ohio, the company moved to Newark, Ohio in 1997.

1- Bread basket divider – small – about 5 inches across at widest point – still wrapped  – item 50016 – $7 (pictured with the Cake / Pie Basket)

2- Bread basket divider – large – about 7 5/8 inches across at widest point – $10 (pictured with the Cake / Pie Basket)

In my “galleries” below you may click images for larger views.

3- 1993 – Cracker Basket – with cloth and plastic liners – about 11 1/2 inches by about 5 1/4 inches wide – $35

4- 1994 – Multi-purpose server basket – can use as large server (about 14 inches by about 7 1/2 inches) with burgundy cloth liner and plastic liner — and then there are two half inserts (both with flower cloth liners and plastic inserts measuring about 6 by 6 1/2 inches each) – $45

5- 1994 – Sleigh Basket – used often as a wine caddy or for fruits or vegetables – base about 7 inches – about 7 inches high at high point – $25

6- 1994 – Large Serving Tray – measures about 20 1/2 inches long by about 14 inches wide at widest point, and about 3 1/2 inches tall. – $45

7- Cake or Pie Basket with wooden divider shelf that can be used as a centerpiece stand. Basket measures about 12 inches square with handles, sides about 6 inches high. Table sits inside basket, and is 3 inches tall – $45– SORRY, NOW SOLD


A nice light-weight set purchased at NORDSTRUMS (tag still attached) probably about 25 years ago, and never used. Basket is about 12 inches square, wine cooler about 8 inches tall, and silver/napkin caddy measures about 12 x 7 1/2 inches – $20


I like this basket with the wooden handles – perfect for sewing/knitting material next to your chair, or whatever. A couple little breaks in the reeds on the bottom, but with a cushion or things in the basket you will never notice. Measures about 15 inches by 11 1/2 inches and sides are about 5 1/2 inches – $22.50


Yes – will call it a gift basket since we purchased this filled at a charity auction – so used once. Measures about about 16 by 10 1/2 inches and about 7 1/2 inches deep. And I will leave in the filler so you can make your own gift basket – $25


Ready (to be packed) for the beach or that special secluded spot with a favorite beau. Measures about 16 by 12 1/2 inches with sides about 7 3/4 inches deep. Handles when up are 8 inches above rim. – $45


Hey, I am too honest – nothing really special about this, except the applied staining. Measures about 1o inches in diameter – sides about 7 3/4 inches, and handle extends up about 8 inches from the sides – How about $15


This is a wonderful example of workmanship, style and color arrangement. Use to hold magazines, and whatever your desire. Measures about 18 by 8 3/4 inches and 10 inches deep. Handles when up extend up about 7 inches. $40 — NOW SOLD

GATHERING BASKETS – Three to Select From

Remember that you can click an image in my “galleries” for a larger view. Above, probably my most fun gathering basket, this example is about 16 inches in diameter – sides about 9 1/2 inches, and it is about 20 inches from the bottom of the inside of the basket to the top of the handle – $35

In the “old days” would you call this “funky” with this interesting handle and decoration? Opening an oval about 14 inches by about 12 inches – overall height about 14 inches with sides about 6 inches – $30

Above a nice large open gathering basket with a diameter of about 16 inches, sides about 4 1/2 inches and from the bottom of the basket to the top of the handle about 16 inches — $30


The basket on the left side of the images above is woven around metal for reinforcement for use as a planter (see the lining) or waste basket. About 9 inches square and about 8 1/4 inches tall not including the handles — $35 — Lighter color basket on right most likely made as a small wastebasket, measuring about 9 inches in diameter and bout 8 3/4 inches tall – unused as with my late-bride’s collection — $20

Basket on the left reminds me of a church donation basket, or to be used in a similar fashion at a ticket booth, or use your imagination. About 9 inch diameter, and 3 inches tall — $5 — And, you can always use another Easter basket, with “new grass” — $3

The small basket on top (above) is an open serving type basket measuring about 13 1/2 inches by about 11 inches and about sides about 3 1/4 inches high — $10

The larger basket I purchased to make a picnic basket to carry in my TR3A and MGA, but I subsequently collected a couple fully outfitted vintage picnic baskets to use and display. This basket is ready for you to outfit as you wish for that romantic outing. Big it measures about 24 inches by about 15 inches with a depth of about 4 inches — $20

Finally, here are the baskets my Cathy used to decorate the tops of our kitchen cabinets. I need to pull them down to measure etc., but you can get an idea of size. Only a couple appear to be special, the others will not be much as to cost.

You may arrange a visit to examine and purchase these baskets. Contact information is on my order page.


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