In the early to mid-1980s I collected and put away as many Mr. Peanut souvenirs and collectibles as I could. At that time I was going to my kid’s school fairs with my original Bartholomew Peanut roaster and dispensing popcorn — you may wish to see my page of my popcorn machine fun at POPCORNMAN RAY.

Going through a box in storage recently I found these Mr. Peanut items that should go to new homes to be loved and enjoyed. So take a look at the images, and details underneath each.

Burlap tote bag (I have two) – the bag measures about 13 inches by about 18 inches with about a 4 inch drop on the handle. As with all these items, I do not believe they have ever been used – $15 each – One SOLD – One left.

This is an uncommon 5 pound burlap bag that you could have purchased full on the Boardwalk at Atlantic City, or a rural general store. Measures about 12 inches by about 19 inches. Nice, appears never used – $11 — SORRY SOLD

In my research the 2 pound burlap bag appears to be uncommon, and seldom seen. Note there are differences, albeit slight, to the two bags. They measure about 8 inches by 15 1/2 inches. $12.50 each One SOLD – One on the left above still available.

I like this draw string canvas tote. The image is printed on both sides – perfect for the beach or a school bag – BUT I would like to think you will display it on the wall with other Mr. Peanut goodies. Measures about 12 inches by about 18 inches (not including the sewn portion for the draw string). – $15

On the left is a paper bag for the purchase of 3 pounds of peanuts – printed one side only. Unused, and protected in a plastic display bag (I must have found it that way) – measures about 7 1/8 inches by about 13 3/4 inches.
On on the right is an oven mitt – the back side is blue with a small extension for your thumb to hold the pot/pan — $10 each

The two towels on the right did not survive well and have some discoloration and disintegration – mainly the one underneath. I debated, but someone will want these – at least the one on top which only has some fraying at the fold in the center. Measure about 15 inches by about 12 inches, the image you see is the same on the top side so the towel when on a towel rack will appear the same from both sides. $6 for both.

These items are light in weight for shipping. Multiple purchases shipped together may work best in a Priority Mail Regional Box A – but email me what you would like, and your zip code, and I will provide a shipping quote – thank you, RAY — ORDERING INFORMATION

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