1923 – WONDER MOVIES by VICTOR M. EARLE – TRANSFORMATION BOOK Illustrated by Benjamin Seielstad

Hardcover, measuring about 8 by 13 inches, pictorial boards. Published by Doubleday, Page & Company, New York. Please note that years ago there was so insect nibbling on the boards and a preliminary and rear page. None of this impacting on the desirability of this unusual book that can fetch up to $400 in the extremely rare dust jacket.

Uncommon novelty book with interactive transforming pages that a child (or adult) would fold and unfold unfold prefolded pages to simulate movie like action following the text. Twenty-six alternating pages, some with panels designed to be successively folded back by the reader, to create a “movie” effect and read the story. 

looking at the sample images while creating this listing I see that I did not properly fold the panels to tell the story, but you get the idea how the picture changes (moves) as you fold the panels back to read more of the tale.

PRICE — $115 – (Order Number 72977)

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