Offered as a lot are eight FURNITURE CATALOGS from the 1870s (there is one duplicate – seven different). I have had these in storage for a long time, and do not remember when or where I obtained them, but time to get to the next conservator and collection. Offered, and listed as illustrated in the top image from left to right, top to bottom are:

1 – REEVES & EASTBURN CABINET FURNITURE, Turning, Moulding and Scroll Sawing, Philadelphia, April 1st, 1874 — 12 pages, no illustrations
2 – TRADE PRICE-LIST OF J. P. REIFSNEIDER’S LOUNGE AND SOFA MANUFACTORY, Philadelphia, not dated – 8 pages, 2 illustrations inside – TWO Copies
3 – SWAN, CLARK & CO. — COTTAGE CHAMBER FURNITURE, Philadelphia, March, 1876, 8 pages, no illustration — then flip over, and the back half (another 8 pages) is SWAN, CLARK & CO. — BLACK WALNUT FURNITURE, again no illustrations.
4 – PRICE LIST OF THE WALTER HEYWOOD CHAIR CO’S CHAIRS – New York, May 1st, 1873, 15 pages, 2 illustrations inside
5 – ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE OF JAMESTOWN BEDSTEAD WORKS – JAMESTOWN, NY, not dated, price sheet laid in, 22 pages — 18 PAGES LIST and ILLUSTRATE One Bed Each – great illustrations
6 – PRICE LIST OF DEUTSCH, TSCHACHTLI & CO. WHOLESALE MANUFACTURES OF CABINET FURNITURE, not dated, rough fold-out to 3 panels representing 6 pages
7 – PRICE LIST OF FURNITURE MANUFACTURED BY C. J. HAYDEN & CO., Rochester, NY, 1870, 35 pages, no illustrations

Each booklet exhibits some wear and light soiling from handling. The largest (SWAN, CLARK & CO.) measures about 5 3/4 inches by about 9 1/8 inches.

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Price for the entire lot — $75
Ordering Information

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