An extensive archive (29 items) documenting building of Parkside in Camden

From 1990 to 1995 my bookshop was in Haddonfield, NJ. In working with some cartons put away since that time, I just uncovered an archive of 29 items surrounding the building of the Parkside neighborhood in Camden, NJ circa 1915. I believe this archive was in an estate of books and ephemera I purchased in 1990. The family was originally from Camden, and as I recall this collection was in that estate – thus, these items come from the original owners. I have mainly images, apparently from the early days since some show construction. Also there are a number of items relating to the building of the Parkside Baptist Church.

Parkside is a neighborhood in Camden, New Jersey. Located near the Cooper River (Camden is across the Delaware River from downtown Philadelphia). Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center and Harleigh Cemetery are located in the neighborhood. The Parkside Land Company officially opened the sale of lots for residential use on July 17, 1899. The neighborhood was sparsely populated until the early 20th century when Camden’s industrial expansion required more neighboring housing. The Camden-Haddonfield trolley line bolstered the appeal of the growing neighborhood. One realty group, Smith-Austermuhl Company, was responsible for contributing to the development of the Wildwood Avenue of Parkside. (adapted from Wikipedia) —  It is possible that this archive was at one time in the Smith family – the name on the back of many of the photographs.

Having worked with books, postcards and ephemera for decades, I can say that the individual items are worth from $10 to $20 each (particularly the Real Photo Post Cards – RPPC), and as a lot easily more. But, I like to get things into the correct home, and am willing to sell the lot for less to “get it home.”

Included are:

1] 12 Real Photo Postcards –  Postcard scenes include: PARK BOULEVARD (2) – PARKSIDE (overall view with open area – 1) – WILDWOOD AVE. LOOKING WEST (1) – HADDON AVE. (1) – KAIGHN AVE. LOOKING WEST (1) – BAIRD AVE. (1) – KENWOOD AVE (4 cards, 3 different, one duplicate) – PLAN OF PARKSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH (1).


2] 2 small photos – longer view of Parkside with fields; “Taken at ground breaking Mr. & Mrs. L.A. Williams, Rev. Chas Henderson” – this would be for the Parkside Baptist Church


3] approx. 6 inch by 3 1/2 inch photo of “Drawing of the 1st Church Building – suggested” – this image also in the church prospectus (item 7 below)

4] 8 photographs approx 6 1/2 inches by 4 5/8 inches — including as marked on rear: Memorial Day parade passing 1440 Kenwood Ave – Lot on which Church now stands – “Part of what is now Parkside and occupied by rows of houses – taken about 1909” shows only one house in a field – Looking toward E. Camden from Forest Hill Park – partially occupied by Admiral Wilson Blvd – Princess Ave. – Kaihn Ave. –  Wildwood Ave? — there are a couple minor folds/tears, tape remnants on rear from mounting — Rubber stamped on rear: Norman L. Smith – 105 Ogden Avenue – Collingswood 7, N.J. — probably the photographers stamp


5] Broadway Baptist Church Sunday School “token” dated 1868 (similar to a Reward of Merit) – soiled, shown is writing side, on other side is color litho of biblical scene


6] Letter dated July 12, 1915, to Parkside residents forwarding the “prospectus of the proposed new Baptist Church”

7] Eight page booklet “Prospectus of the New Baptist Church – Camden, New Jersey”  with elevations and floor plans


8] Parkside Baptist Church DEDICATORY SERVICES December 9 to 14, 1917, booklet. folds and wear – 12 pages


9] Mounted photo (image 6×4 inches) — E. M. GEORGE DRY GOODS, NOTIONS – on rear Uncle Edward George Aunt Ellen – taken 442 Pine St. Camden, NJ

10] Mounted photo (image 5 3/4 x 4 inches) — 8 folks posing with tools and sawing wood — on rear 34? River Ave.


SORRY – SOLD and “Going Home”

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