OTTOMAN EMPIRE IN MINIATURES – Five Folders with Color Plates – PRINTS

Published for the Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ankara by The Historical Research Foundation, Ankara and Istanbul. Each folder was published with twenty color plate on card stock each measuring about 5 13/16 inches by 8 1/2 inches. Each folder has a list of plates on the inside flap, and the plate titles are also on the back of the numbered plate. Seldom are complete sets found, and this set is no different sadly, as follows (I have now checked the set three times to be sure):

Folder I –  lacks plates 6 – 10 – 16
Folder II – complete
Folder III – complete
Folder IV – complete
Folder V – lacks plates 83 – 84

Priced at less than 50 cents per plate

PRICE – $40 for the set
Ordering Information

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