Bound together are five issues (detailed below) as the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE AND BUILDERS EDITION. Front cover detached, rear cover torn in two (both parts present) and tears to some black and white pages – mainly in the June issue. Overall measurements are about 11 by 16 inches. BUT WHAT IS IMPORTANT HERE are the two full page chromolith (color) plates in each month’s issue depicting the elevation of a home or store and the floor plans. The article and B&W illustrations are great, but the color plates would be perfect to be framed in an architect’s office, or museum display. I have recently seen these color pages for sale at $50 and $75 each. Here are 11 COLOR PLATES – the frontis is a advertisement with the “President’s Cottage” and then there are two plates per month. Any tears/flaws on the color plates should be easily matted out. There is value here to the right person. Enjoy.

June 1887 – pages 123-146 – tears through center of many pages due to improper opening
July 1887 – pages 1-26
August 1887 – Pages 27-52
September 1887 – pages 53-78
October 1887 – pages 79-100

the other portion of the rear cover is tucked under what shows.

Price — $275 (which is less than $35 for each color plate)
Shipping on this oversize item with insurance – $10
Ordering Information

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